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Bulaga Drama...

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Your reactions are so predictable. If we draft someone, we praise how great he is. If he is drafted by another team, then we scream what a piece of crap he is. Bulaga, I am sure, is a good guy. We might have drafted him, in which case we would be praising him. But when he goes to GB we rip him. He may indeed have told the GB media that he didn't want to go to SF. If he did he was only playing up to the fans, knowing that they would love it. It might be good for us to demonstrate some maturity, although such predictable fickleness is amusing.

I knew you were going to say that.

Well, is he wrong?

The volume of infantile posts on this board is stunning but, as excelsior says, all too predictable. I personally come to this site to pick up on some good information, including opinions, concerning the team. It's unfortunate that one has to wade through so much school-ground pettiness to access the nuggets.

It was a joke - someone posting how predictable posts are, then I say "I knew you were going to say that", suggesting the post was predictable - get it?
Bulaga is a punk ass, b***h ass, loser. Enjoy Green Bay you big douchebag
what a tool. that guy was projected to go a top tackle, but yet he falls that far? something tells me teams saw BUST in him.
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