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Taylor Mays is a Niner!

Originally posted by ads_2006:

1:40 mark

Great pick. He is raw but has plenty of room to improve and most importantly he is not going to start right way and ciuld learn during that time. His problems are fixable and with his work ethic he can be a good player.
Originally posted by LB49ers:
Originally posted by Leathaface:
So we drafted a cheap version of Michael Lewis.

You mean the bigger faster version

Please see: Darnell Bing

End. Of. Story.
Originally posted by MichaelCrabtree:
Please see: Darnell Bing

End. Of. Story.

Not. Even. Close.
Originally posted by MichaelCrabtree:
Please see: Darnell Bing

End. Of. Story.

Shut up michael crabtree. you just worry about catching more passes and shut the hell up
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The nice part about our current situation is that if Michael Lewis is healthy, Mays will have plenty of opportunities to make plays on special teams AND sit on the sidelines to absorb and obtain the real specifics of the games in terms of Xs and Os.

Sean Taylor, Troy Polomalu, and other safeties had the same knocks on them coming out of college.
Originally posted by luis1985:
His own college coach didn't want him... that should tell you something... he sucks.

wow lol your looking way too much into this..they got thomas in the first who was a better player, so where are you going with this/// also you know all the s**t they would give pete for drafting any USC player? come on man.
We have the best draft so far.
Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
Wasn't hoping for Mays because of his well talked about struggles in coverage, but what I do like is that what I read about him from scouts I hear the similar things:

-Very intelligent

-Student of the game

-Work ethic that is second to none

With those attributes he can learn to be a better safety, especially with coach Singletary molding him. If he can reach his potential as a result, watch the f**k out.

f**k YES MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He will learn the game & be fierce by years end!!! I can't wait to see him f**k the raiders up!!!
Originally posted by Thorhawk:
Originally posted by MichaelCrabtree:
Please see: Darnell Bing

End. Of. Story.

Not. Even. Close.

I would say they are very comparable. Both are 602-603 and 230lbs. Both are known for their physical prowess, and lack of consistent play in coverage, especially man to man at the flanks. While Mays tests out well with in-line speed in shorts, his football speed is lacking. Both Bing and Mays were knocked for playing with squared hips, slow black pedal, and mediocre shoulder turn. It's very evident that both lack true ball-hawking ability needed at the next level.

I believe they were both Thorpe award finalists too; Bing his final year, and Mays his junior year.

I don't understand how this comparison CAN'T be made. I mean, I realize the guy (Mays) ran a fast 40, but other than that I'm not sure of any other glaring differences?
Originally posted by blizzuntz:
Originally posted by ads_2006:

1:40 mark

If you watch that play carefully Mays was f**ked either which way. The tight end burned the LB so he became wide open well so did tate, so it was a s**tty decision to make. either which way it was going to be a td notre dame. wither to tate or the te.

How dare u say he got owned?? that's not being owned by no standards. the cb got owned, so did the mlb.

watch your film carefully my man! i take it you don't coach fb. j/k
my bad it was a slot wr that burned the lb & since clausen saw that he had a 1 on 1 with tate booom.
LOL plus that was a horrid defensive call by the coach! look at the match ups???
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
I don't know about Mays, but he is a high character guy with a LOT of upside with a chip on his shoulder towards the coach of Seattle. So, he could be good.

He will definitely play with fire and motivation against the Seahawks. he wants to prove he deserved to go in the 1st round. Great 2nd round pick IMO. This is shaping up to be an awesome draft so far............