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Offiicial: Cut Brandon Jones thread

Offiicial: Cut Brandon Jones thread

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Until we find an upgrade at the position, I don't think the 49ers are in a hurry to get rid of a player. 4/5 WRs will be in the same offensive system for more than one year, along with Alex Smith.

You cut Jones, you release another player that Alex Smith may develop further chemistry with.
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Originally posted by 9erfreak:
What's the cap hit for dropping him though? Isin't he the 2nd highest paid receiver on the team behind Crabtree? I think his contract has alot of guaranteed $$ in it

He is the second player behind Crabbecause that is all we have; but, go ahead and cut him if you want.

Dont remember, but i dont think he was responsible for cutting our last Return specialist before having the replacement standing by.
No, you don't cut him. I'd make him earn his spot in camp but right now I'd keep him for depth. He was hurt in camp last year and never really got going. I'd give him another year to see if he can get on the field.

Pretty hard to really blame him for being a poor punt returner. I don't remember him ever saying he was a punt returner. They asked him to try it and he did. He never should have been back there.
yea we never really gave him a shot after he came back from injury, I say keep them all and let Training camp separate good from evil
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Trade him for the Saints 7th rounder.
Originally posted by crabman82:
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Originally posted by WillistheWall:
He's a good reciever, just not a good PR. He has speed. When he got in the game and Alex got him the ball he had 2 nice catches, one called back on a BS penalty. But he's a decent WR and has good speed. We could use him better. Atleast he doesn't duck the freaking ball.

I can agree about Jones' PR skills, but, IMO, the jury's still out on Jones as a WR: an arguement could be made he's our best downfield threat due to his speed. That said, with the potential we have with Crab, Morgan, and Hill, I can't justify Jones' salary vs. his playing time, especially now we have a burner in Ginn. He may be better suited for another team that needs his ability to stretch the field (or for a certain owner who loves to stockpile speedy, overpaid WRs).

jones may surprise us. i remember everyone talking about him last year in camp making the best catches and looking awesome before he broke his shoulder. he may be a nice surprise. being loaded with you talented receivers is a problem most teams would love. Crabtree, Morgan, Hill, Ginn, Jones, Zeigler has potential too. none of them are probowlers but thats a solid group of young talent. if jones doesnt show anything, then you cut him. cutting someone when you dont have to is not a smart move.

I agree with not cutting players prematurely, especially if bench strength is weak, but I'm struggling with the opportunity cost his relatively-higher salary brings vs. what he will contribute. If Jones can have 30+ catches, 450+ yards, and 3-4 TDs next year as a #3 or 4 WR then perhaps his salary can be justified. If that's not realistic, one alternative would be to use a day-3 selection on a WR w/ Jones' skill set and give Morgan and Ginn more downfield looks.

Either way, you're right: having a stockpile of young WR talent is a problem I certainly don't mind us having.

very true, if he proves he isnt worth it, by all mean cut him or trade him if you can but i think he will show up. its gonna be interesting to see how much better our WRs are this year. two years in the same offense will do wonders for everyone, not just alex. training camp should be intense this year, cant wait to see what the final roster looks like

the problem with jones is his contract and the expectations that come with it, he is paid like a starting wr but on this team he isnt in the top 3, he isnt a returner so u have to fault the coaches for putting him back there with no real experience, u take him to camp, and if gets hurt again or isnt impressive then u cut him, he still could be better than hill or ginn

The amazing thing to me is that of all our WRs, only 1 would start for most teams (except maybe the Rams) and we're paying all that money. For me, if he doesn't stand out in TC, then he doesn't need to be here.
BJ = Championship
why cut him??? what actual purpose does it serve? we have plenty of space under the cap.. who cares if he gets burried on the depth chart.

you dont just cut someone to cut them.
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Please get rid of another McCloughan mistake.
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