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could our next game against the packers be alex smith coming out party?

what kind of stupid question is this?

Put in Hill.
I have to go on record by saying this is not what I expected, and I was wrong. So far Alex is a long way from a breakout game. Its going to take a miracle to win this game. Losing another offensive lineman does not help the situation......
Originally posted by B650:
He should've had a chip on his shoulder for the Titans game too. What happened? It could be a big game for Alex, or, it could be a horrible game, reminding us yet again that we should've taken Rodgers.

Only time will tell.

I guess A. Smith showed us today who the real QB is. F**k Nolan for picking A. Smith
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Originally posted by BY_4_HOF:
what kind of stupid question is this?

Put in Hill.

Yeah, because Hill fared MUCH better. When will this ever end? It doesn't matter who's in there because the OL doesn't give our QBs time. Did you watch Hill play this season? He's even worse than Smith, and that's pretty damn bad.
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