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All Part of Singletary's master plan??

Lets go Alex!!!
Originally posted by zozell:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
No. Sing went with who he thought gave us the best chance to win. When that plan started failing, he switched it up. You don't start a guy for your team with the expectation that he will fail, just so you can bring in the 2nd string guy.

Yea in any other situation I would I agree with you. I think we can honestly say this is not an ordinary QB situation. Singletary was on the staff when Smith was drafted. He has seen him grow, mature, struggle and succeed. I think that he had every intention of seeing what the kid can do at leasst one more time, at some point before they chalked him up as a career back up. Hill obviously is not the future. Smith still can be...

Maybe it didn't go down like I said word for word, but I think there was some structure to it.

Was there a plan? No, I don't think so but it is working out perfectly for Alex. As it has been written a few times, if Alex got the opening day start, a lot of fans would have been very unhappy as Smith and Hill were almost even in the competition, but Hill was the proven winner at that point. And the extra 7 weeks has given Alex an opportunity to get more familiar with Raye's offense and we know Alex doesn't play well if he doesn't know the playbook well.

And a lot of things has happened to Alex. His friend's suicide last year and he's had a year to think about it and cope. The lower expectation has relieved the mental stress. His shoulder has had a year to heal. Nolan is gone and he has a coach that believes in him. Things are just falling into place for Alex.
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