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49ers a candidate to move to the Los Angeles area

Originally posted by LA49ERS:
Jags are not coming.

The Raiders have the first dibs on LA. If they do not move, The 49ers would be welcomed.

We would love the 5 time SB Champs.

Brand new big time market for a team that should have the best. Its amazing how deplorable the City leaders have treated the 49ers in via of a new Stadium.

The Bengals and Seahawks and Cardinals have awesome venues and each has 0 SB wins.

49ers are deserving of the best. They will get it in L.A.

Too bad they don't love you.
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If anyone it would be the Jags. No history, no ruffled feathers, no tix sales and no one will care if they leave. All the other teams at least don't cover half their stadium with tarps. FLA is SEC country anyway, they won't miss the NFL, all the other cities it's part of their fabric. LA "fans" are dreaming if they think it'll be anyone else.
lol, very informative...not. Not when you take into account all the current work they are doing to move to Santa Clara.
Doubt they move LA fans are the worst, they only support winning teams. They are lucky they have the Dodgers and Lakers. SF has always had sell outs so I seriously doubt they would move.
Originally posted by NineFourNiner:
Jags to LA. Change the name to the LA Cougars.

are the Desperate Housewives gonna be their sponsor?
Jed would never move the team to LA. Uncle Eddie would scold him
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The Raiders, Vikings, Rams, or Jaguars are candidates.
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Originally posted by teeohh:
not gonna happen
I wouldn't watch a game of professional football ever again.

I could see the Raiders going back to LA, since they have a history there and Al Davis doesn't like their current stadium situation.
Hope it's the Chargers, Jags or Vikings all the other teams especially the raiders and rams we don't want back!
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I wouldn't mind seeing the Rams move to LA. I think it would make the rivalry that much more intense. Plus then the 49ers wouldn't move. If he 49ers move to LA it will be one of the worst days of my life.
Originally posted by Stevec9932:
SF 49ers will always be. We have to much history to move. 5 SB's in the modern era... no chance we leave.

I'm guessing that people in Baltimore or Cleveland would disagree with you that a great franchise wont get up and leave. Baltimore won a SB and the Colts and Browns were 2 of the premier teams in the league prior to the SB years.

It all comes down to the Stadium in the Bay Area. The Niners of course want to stay in SF or move down to Santa Clara. Why would they want to leave their fan base. However, in this day and age, they cannot compete in the abomination called Candlestick Park. If you were the Yorks and couldnt get a stadium in the Bay Area and LA had a billion dollar state of the art stadium.. what would you do???

My guess is Jacksonville would be the most logical team to move. I do think that the Raiders and Niners would be in the discussion and that the Yorks would certaintly use the threat of a move to their benefit.
The Los Angeles Bills?

Sounds about right lol!
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