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Singletary Encourages Hill to OPEN IT UP!

Originally posted by NickSh49:
So Shaun gonna open up some Jack Daniels?

Coach wasn't going to trash his OC...but, he said things will be different by stating they need to find ways to finish hard to win for the entire 60 mins. That means Hill will have more opportunities to to our WR's and Vernon's ears. Coffee will be fine...he'll get all the reps the next couple of weeks, plus I'm anxious to see him as a receiver--he can do some damage. I think this Sunday will be a breakout game, offensively.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
I found an interesting vid containing a small segment from "Coach Speak" on Fox Sports (via youtube) featuring Singletary, and how he feels about Shaun Hill in relation to the offensive system/passing game.

From this standpoint it sounds like Singletary has been encouraging Shaun to open it up (that Mike is fully confident within his QB), and that Shaun (himself) is allowed to do so whenever he feels comfortable enough to spread the field.

So altogether, it really sounds like we're finally going to air it out a lot more, and put more trust into Hill to close games (Singletary may be stubborn, but he never makes the same mistake twice if it costs the team a game).

Good to hear. We don't have to throw the ball all over the place, we just can't be afraid to pass to put the game away.
Singletary eluded to this in a post game presser, I think after the Seattle game. Hill is still learning the offense and doesn't risk doing too much.
IMO it takes teams 2-5 games to get the pass game really going. In our third game you could see V.Davis and Hill on the same page; got Morgan involved vs first game everything was a dump off. I am excited about what Hill can do with the passing game as the season progresses. You can see the team believes in Hill and are comfortable with his decision making. Was nice to see Morgan who has been doing a lot of blocking finally being rewarded for his hard work.
Hopefully this will mean that Hill will decide to throw for more than is required for the 1st down on 3rd down conversions, instead of him throwing for 5 yards when we need 15.
Originally posted by zozell:
Originally posted by RonMexico:
wonder if shaun is allowed to change the play at the line if he knows a run won't work

my gut tells me he's not... what he does instead is call a timeout, probably cuz that's all they will let him do...

I haven't seen a niner QB call an audible in a long time
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Originally posted by nflguy49:
Perhaps Singletary should have been encouraging Jimmy Raye to "open it up" on the Niners last drive against the Vikes.

They spend all offseason bragging about running the ball down our opponents throats even when they know it's coming. They brag about imposing our will on opponents. Raye even went so far as to downplay the importance of the QB in this offense. Now Singletary wants Hill to open up the offense??

I think they have been imposing their will on others. They have pretty much willed themselves into wins in every game. You can see that by how ugly the games gave have been, they haven't folded at any time. In fact, I would say that quality is probably the best thing we have going for us. Opening up the offense will not change that, it's something that is there regardless of the path that is chosen to implement it, IMHO.
I think when he means "open it up" I imagine that means get more receivers involved, Morgan and Battle need more touches to balance the offense
nice to know. lets see it happen on the field
open it up kick some a** ....GO NINERS!

That's great. Now I hope we see him do it.
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Ive seen alot of pass plays this season where Hill wants to throw it early, but has to hold on to it another second or two, its hard to tell from a TV view whats he's seeing
downfield, but i think our recievers may be having trouble getting seperation at that 3 second mark, so he's having to hold it and the play doesnt develop into what was planned

Im sure that "Horn" would be going off alot
I like it. Its about time. He is a good QB and knows his throws. He wont force passes like JTO and it should open the box a little for Gore/Coffee when teams see us passing the ball more.
Originally posted by ImaMod:
I was very mad at the loss to the Vikings at the moment, but now to think of it it really benefited us a lot, because if we are in the same situation we probably won't do the same mistake again for example:
We might of went for the 1st down in our second to last possession, which would have put the game away, or any small things like that, it gives Singletary who is basically a Rookie head coach knowledge or wisdom, it teaches him what he should do in a situation and how to play situations like that out, you know what I'm saying?
GO NIners!!

I mentioned in that TOP thread that today's game isn't necessarily such that a team can consistently win, and I really doubt a team can win in the playoffs, relying so much on a running game without some kind of big play capability. Let’s face it, there are times like this past week when we need to be able to get first downs/convert third downs to put the game away, and a 2 yard per rush (roughly speaking) average isn’t going to cut it three times in a row. It’s like playing a prevent defense with the offense, and I hate the prevent defense unless it’s the last play of the game.

There are going to be times when we’re down by a score and need to go 80+ yards in two minutes, like the Dolphins needed to against the Colts two weeks ago. Their offense doesn’t have much of a big play ability and while they moved the ball, they couldn’t get down there quick enough against the Colts' physically exhausted defense. The offensive style we’ve seen from the Niners won’t get it done by the time the clock hits zero either. Unless they do open it up (and successfully at that) at least a little bit, we’re going to lose those games more often than not. I’m glad to see this and hope it actually happens. I’m not asking for a passing game like Colts have, but a decent threat of a big play now and then, and the ability to move the ball in a hurry, or in clutch situations, is sorely needed.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Originally posted by RonMexico:
wonder if shaun is allowed to change the play at the line if he knows a run won't work

Interestingly enough, I remember the biggest thing Shaun raved about regarding Raye's offense was that QBs had more freedom to call audibles (unlike last season under Martz). -And the only QB I saw all pre-season to utilize this advantage was Nate Davis (and Nate was praised for his intangibles).

I think Hill is scared
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