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Singletary Encourages Hill to OPEN IT UP!

I found an interesting vid containing a small segment from "Coach Speak" on Fox Sports (via youtube) featuring Singletary, and how he feels about Shaun Hill in relation to the offensive system/passing game.

From this standpoint it sounds like Singletary has been encouraging Shaun to open it up (that Mike is fully confident within his QB), and that Shaun (himself) is allowed to do so whenever he feels comfortable enough to spread the field.

So altogether, it really sounds like we're finally going to air it out a lot more, and put more trust into Hill to close games (Singletary may be stubborn, but he never makes the same mistake twice if it costs the team a game).

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Good to know, but I wonder if the playcalling will allow it???
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Cool. I am all about opening up the passing game but I like what we are doing in running the football also. I don't want us to all the sudden become a 70/30 pass team. I honestly believe Coffee will be just fine in the coming two games. He is ready to come in and "hit em in the mouth" as coach would put it.
Hopefully a good sign of things to come!
Great stuff. Thanks for digging it up and sharing the post. Those are welcome words to my ears. We gave AZ too many chances also but they just failed to capitalize on them.

You can't give those chances to Favre. You to to be able to run the clock and if you need to throw the ball to get a first down I think they need to trust Hill to do it more often.

Go Niners!!
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So Shaun gonna open up some Jack Daniels?
I hope so that would be the best thing for the team
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I was very mad at the loss to the Vikings at the moment, but now to think of it it really benefited us a lot, because if we are in the same situation we probably won't do the same mistake again for example:
We might of went for the 1st down in our second to last possession, which would have put the game away, or any small things like that, it gives Singletary who is basically a Rookie head coach knowledge or wisdom, it teaches him what he should do in a situation and how to play situations like that out, you know what I'm saying?
GO NIners!!
Well Shaun will have some good practice this Sunday against the division II rams

yeah I like the running mentality also... today I was watching the game on NFL network rewind and in the drive that we put 3 points in the second half before the punt return for the td... we were running the ball hard, if we can get consistent with that type of running game, the play action and the passing game will benefit tremendously...

I like where we are right know we have to continue to grow after all this is a new offence and we have to take it one game at a time...

go nienrs
Perhaps Singletary should have been encouraging Jimmy Raye to "open it up" on the Niners last drive against the Vikes.

They spend all offseason bragging about running the ball down our opponents throats even when they know it's coming. They brag about imposing our will on opponents. Raye even went so far as to downplay the importance of the QB in this offense. Now Singletary wants Hill to open up the offense??
wonder if shaun is allowed to change the play at the line if he knows a run won't work
Originally posted by RonMexico:
wonder if shaun is allowed to change the play at the line if he knows a run won't work

my gut tells me he's not... what he does instead is call a timeout, probably cuz that's all they will let him do...
Originally posted by RonMexico:
wonder if shaun is allowed to change the play at the line if he knows a run won't work

Interestingly enough, I remember the biggest thing Shaun raved about regarding Raye's offense was that QBs had more freedom to call audibles (unlike last season under Martz). -And the only QB I saw all pre-season to utilize this advantage was Nate Davis (and Nate was praised for his intangibles).
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