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Should the 49ers Call Up Kory Sheets ftrom the Practice Squad?

Should the 49ers Call Up Kory Sheets ftrom the Practice Squad?

I hope we do. I don't like seeing Robinson carry the rock.
I am going to call it. They will bring sheets up, but split reps between robinson and coffee... Sigh!
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Originally posted by SJniner7:
I am going to call it. They will bring sheets up, but split reps between robinson and coffee... Sigh!

That's what Nolan would do.
if the niners do call up sheets dotn expect him to get reps he is only gonna be there if we have any injuries. i dont think he would leap from practice squad to 2nd string running back behind Coffee
What # does Sheets wear b/c Smith is 30.
With only one reliable running back? I kind of knew that with gores injury history since we drafted him, he was not going to stay healthy the whole season. Thats understandable in this situation because he carries the load. But why not have another reliable running back? In addition, why not have more than 3 running backs? Sheets was right behind coffee in rushing yards this preseason (in my opinion, he had a better chance than coffee of impacting the teams performance if given the chance). It just seems to me that it would have been smart to keep him on our roster since we are going to be a Run-first team. Hopefully we can bring him up from the P-squad to give coffee some relief for a few weeks.
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Originally posted by 49erman5692:
What # does Sheets wear b/c Smith is 30.

Kory Sheets is wearing #33.
What's our alternative? M. Robinson??
It´s worse when one of the RBs is injury-prone, the second one is a rookie and the third hasn´t shown that can carry the load and whose main job is as a special teamer.

Go Raye!

Exactly. It's going to be hard to be a run first team with an injury prone RB. I hope Raye realizes this before it's too late.
We have two capable RB behind Gore, Coffee and Robinson... We can only carry so many to not impact other position on the rosters. With Gore being hurt, I'm sure we will call on Sheets to the reg. roster...

With that being said, this thread is merged.

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Gore is going to be out for a length of time with this strained ligament. He will certainly miss Games 4 & 5 (or more), and is likely to be less than 100% for the remainder of the season. Ligaments don't "heal" quickly.

So, the Niners need another RB, probably before Wednesday's practice, so that player can get a full week of practice and be prepared to contribute vs the Rams in Game 4, if needed. Sheets may well be the best alternative. He knows the plays and has taken reps with the other Niner players.

But whom do you cut to make room for Sheets on the 53-man roster? I'll nominate Spurlock as the guy to be cut, and give Sheets additional practice reps on ST, as a possible KR back-up for Rossum (with Spurlock gone). Install Robinson as the Taser guy (with Spurlock gone). Jason Hill remains available on the 53-man roster for game-day activation, if one of the first 3 WR (Bruce, Morgan or Battle) become injured (with Spurlock gone).
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We need an outside threat. Play Coffee/Sheets just like LT/Sproles. Good change of pace, Mr inside & Mr outside. Teams are cramming the middle of the line so have someone who can dart outside. It worked against the Seahawks when Gore had some quick outside tosses. He picked up 2 or 3 7-10 yd chunks.
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