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How do you feel going into week 1 after preseason?

Originally posted by teeohh:
I'm more excited about Cal football than the niners

Regardless of what happens this season, one thing will become very clear, our post season focus will be, Quarterbacks and Pass rusher. Period.
i'm anxious
I'm always nervous about the first week. It sets the tone for the whole season. But, I'm not worried execution or their performance, I'm more worried about how our young team will react in certain crunch time situations.

I'm not talking about Bruce or Justin Smith (Proven vets) but lets face it our team is very young; will they be ready to step up and make a play when the team really needs it?
I don't feel comfortable at all. I was more comfortable in '06. Anyway, I don't think our pass protection will be good at all. I have a feeling when we pass the ball our quarterbacks will be running for their lives. The pass rush looked like absolute crap. I didn't see anything from the passing game. We look like we can run the ball, but you can't run all game if you can't throw. I'm not going to get myself too excited, I just have low expectations at this point.
i truly lost optimism after the cowboys game and the chargers sealed the deal. im now heading into week 1 basically having a watch and see approach.. it really sucks
I think you guys are getting to bent out of shape. Sure our QB play has been abysmal. But living in AZ, I do get to watch the cardinals and they are looking just as bad. Their defense is simply horrible. There 1st string starters let up 38 points in the first half to green bay. Not to mention their QB play been just as bad as ours. Kurt Warner has given up so many turnovers and has not thrown a touchdown either. From what I've been hearing from St. Louis they have been hit badly with the injury bug with Adam Carriker going down. You guys need to keep in perspective that our division is weak and we do have a fighting chance to take it down.
After watching the pre-season, I would be surprised if the Niners had a winning record. Unless Gore has an amazing offensive year, I just don't see a lot of playmakers on the team.

That said, the Niners could still have a surprise year. You never know who might step up once the bullets start flying.
lol i love watching everyones reactions after PRESEASON its to die for
I think all the Niner's problems have been mentioned on this thread and I agree. But as one poster pointed out it all comes down to the QB. Without legit QB play we are not dominate enough on either side of the ball to win against good teams. Maybe Shaun Hill will play well and we worry for nothing, but based on preseason I doubt it.
As I've posted in other threads, I think Hill will be exposed. As we saw towards the end of the season, teams will begin to crowd the line and take away the short passes and screens which will force Hill to look down field to make a play, but he wont be able to consistently.

AZ is a perfect example of how a stud QB can turn a loser into a winner overnight.

The good news is 2011 we should at least two first rouders and hopefully (if we are smart) we can parley that into 3 maybe 4 if Crab doesn't work out. We can completely retool by next year.......of's next year....

Not sure how this team will do. No visible pass rush and Nate Clements is playing 10 yards off his man. Shaun Hill hasn't looked good. I hope the coaches open up the playbook and the team starts looking better than their vanilla preseason effort.

Forgot to post this in the thread topic.
Im not excited, but I do believe we are better than last year, if not, the same. And if you look at it we still had a chance to win the Division last year. Our Defense will be fine (NOT worried about Nate....he's gonna shut down Fitz yet again!!!!)and our run game will carry the load and help our QB out. Bring on them TARDS baby!!!!!

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I'd say the over/under is 7 games
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I am really excited. Just to see the game and find out what happens - the waiting is almost over. However, I would not be putting any money on us to have a winning season obviously. A new season is always exciting.
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