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How do you feel going into week 1 after preseason?

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Im not excited, but I do believe we are better than last year, if not, the same. And if you look at it we still had a chance to win the Division last year. Our Defense will be fine (NOT worried about Nate....he's gonna shut down Fitz yet again!!!!)and our run game will carry the load and help our QB out. Bring on them TARDS baby!!!!!

Shutting down Fitz? I guess holding them to a few catches, not going over 100 yards, and catching 5 yard touchdowns is considered shutting a person down.

yea holding fitz to 71 total yards for the year isn't shutting him down. Please we were right there wit those tards, even with all the bs going on wit our team last year. What other cb has done that? u can put weight on this past preseason, but I know Nate is a baller and he'll b fine and our d will be a year better!

this is a team game and we were in both those games. All CBs will give up Tds but as long as u don't let their best players dictate the game.

Nate does a fine job against Fitz (yards-wise), but he still gave up a couple of goal line touchdowns. I'd rather give up 100 yards to a receivers than give up a touchdown.
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I'm more excited about Cal football than the niners

Got to see pass rush yesterday and big passing plays
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If Manny Lawson is proven not to be able to pass rush, I hope the niners braintrust uses their feeble minds to consider using Manny as a strong safety. His height, speed and coverage as well as strong tackling would be awesome and I think he could do well occasionally pass rushing thru gap holes. I think he would be great as a rover type of safety and his size and strength over the middle should shut down a lot of runs and passes.
In a way, I think Manny is just misplayed. He just is not built for enough power in the lower body and his weight is mainly upper body and leverage is not in his favor. I have strong doubts about McCloughan's abilities overall. He does find some good players but in other areas, he is as weak as grannies knees. I doubt if he could find a pass rusher without a ring thru his nose and being poked by Singletary with a cattle prod. All that Lewis and Roman do I think Manny could do better and I would cut both those guys and go with Manny and the young guys. It might take another year of OTAS and preseason but I certainly would try it.

After watching the preseason and Manny trying to passrush I am convinced his issue isn't physical, its mental. He has no problem pushing guys back, but once he's back there it's like he doesn't know what to do. I think good/great passrushers need a certain mind set or mentality. It's kind of like a champion boxer, when your opponent is hurt they have that killer instict. Manny doesn't have that and I dont know that he ever will. He can be a great player in a 4-3, but less than average passrusher in a 3-4. Thats my take anyway.
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Let's start the season already and see what we got.
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Let's start the season already and see what we got.

this already!
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