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27th out of 32?

Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
I'm sure if NFL teams made the list we wouldn't be 27th.

Of course we wouldn't there would be a 32 team tie for rank 1
Hopefully this ranking gets us out the gate faster because we're underestimated!
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Originally posted by Jamespowers:
Safe to say, the people at NFL Network are idiots
Fans voted, the people at the network didn't decide.
Originally posted by Oakland-Niner:
I'm sure if NFL teams made the list we wouldn't be 27th.

Originally posted by Grigga2021:
So on we get voted 27th best out of 32 teams. For some reason it got me so mad i wanted to post about it. WE STILL GET ABSOLUTLY NO RESPECT. I understand we have to earn it blah blah blah but come on 27th?

This is the year people remember who the 49ers are.

Well what were you expecting??? Of course WE think they're better than 27th, but I can see why the fans of other teams wouldn't think very highly of us. Most people have never heard of Shaun Hill, Morgan, Haralson,....... I could go on and on. We pretty much only have 2 star players that people know, so of course they'll look down on us.

However, I was a little surprised that the Bengals were higher than us.
We would crush the Bengals.
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We'll always be an afterthought--until we kick their door down and take all their goodies out of their fridge.
Originally posted by Grigga2021:
We would crush the Bengals.

I think we would crush teams 26-19. But I wouldn't put much thought into this poll since it was a "fan" poll.
I might be more upset if this was a list put together by NFL Network or ESPN. I would like the think the so called "experts" would have us ranked a little higher.
And even if they didn't, it will still come down to the team performing. By the sounds of it, Sing has the guys working really hard. If anything else, I'm expecting us to be one of the tougher teams in the league.