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Pledge to make Candlestick loud!

Props to 49ers fans, it sounded very loud watching the game!

even the players are noticing

Hey I'll tell you something. In my few years of being in the bay I have never seen candlestick rocking like it was today #NINERFAITHFUL!/superreg30/status/135913462227419136
Could have been louder
Have a massive head ache from all the screaming today. Great great atmosphere. I didn't really notice the Giant fans too much.

Us Niner fans still need to work on our synchronization. It seems like sometimes we start screaming while they are in the huddle and then tail off a little while they are lining up to snap, or vice versa. We need to keep that intensity throughout the whole process.

Stadium was rocking today though.
Originally posted by NONAME:
They for the first time I've ever seen put "the offense is on field, please be quiet" and it worked!

It's about time! Today was the first game I missed, and I've been yelling at people to shut up every week when we're on offense.
Originally posted by wailers15:
Could have been louder

I can only imagine how loud it will be in the playoffs. **Knock on wood for a home game**
Very loud was awesome to hear watching on the tube!!!!!
Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
I can only imagine how loud it will be in the playoffs. **Knock on wood for a home game**

Actually the miners would be guaranteed atleast 1 home game as a division winner.
Donte Whitner wants Candlestick crowd to get louder with each game

Whitner is the team's veteran safety as he is in his sixth NFL season. And so far, the team hasn't had any real trouble with crowd noise. On the road, it gets a little easier.

"Road games are easier when it comes to communication," said Whitner. "They don't want to throw their own offense off. It's usually quiet when we're on the road.

"But at home, we need that crowd to be loud and we need that noise. We have to work on communcation with the noise out there."

This wasn't something to discourage the Candlestick Park fans from being loud. In fact, Whitner wants the crowd to get louder. It all comes with the team winning.

"They're getting louder and louder with the excitement of winning," said Whitner. "The fans are getting into the game now and we're putting out a winning product on the field. Hope it gets louder and louder each and every week."

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I went to the 98 NFCC against the Packers and someone told me to sit down when the Niners got first downs. I've gone to the battle of the Bay twice at the 'stick and the Raider fans were louder than the Niner fans AND when the Cowboys played here, I couldn't believe how much crowd noise there was for the Cowboys

I wish we had a 12th man here but when watching the Giants game, hell, when I watch the NFCC in '81, I see what we CAN do and wish we were loud like that more often.


i wonder if the rain will silence the crowd a bit???
you f**kers better be loud
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