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Would Sanchez be the best backup QB in the NFL?

LOL, nope. Think he would still be one of the worst backup QB's in NFL. Hell, I'll take Tolzien over him
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Tolzien and McCoy over Sanchez and Tebow any day!!!! Give me BJ Coleman over Tebow, yes I'm dead serious.
I hope Sanchez gets out of NY, just as I'm glad Tebow did. I feel bad for Geno. The Jets are where QB's go to die.

Maybe getting released/traded will force him to check his ego and actually concentrate on football and not magazines, tabloids, and newspapers. Too bad Nebraska or South Dakota dont have teams........ Not that I like Sanchez at all or think he is a quality QB, but no one deserves that type of media pressure.

And because of all the attention since hes been in NY it will follow him whereever he goes. Dont need that, and you know Harbs doesnt want the extra attention.

Good players, little media attention, so they can focus on football and not all this other crap. Now if someone would beat that into Cully's head, we'd be all set.
if he sucks as a starter, what makes you think he'd be a good backup?
i wouldn't mind taking him as a #2. He really is not that bad. The Jets as a whole are bad. Harbaugh could make him into a solid 2 and then use him as trade bait later. IMHO i would take Sanchez over McCoy.
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r u cereal?

This is the "NFL Talk" forum, right? I think Sanchez's situation is one of the more interesting NFL stories between now and when the season starts. He certainly has a better resume than most backup QBs.

his recent resume speaks volumes. I think Kirk Cousins is probably the best backup QB in NFL.

If Kaep goes down with an injury. Would you want Sanchez, a guy that has had no offensive coaching the past 2.5 and mentally fragile, leading this team?

Or Kirk Cousins, guy who is being coached up?

Anyways, the board would take Shaun "Noodles" Hill back before sanchez
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No, he is just plain bad, period, be it starter or back-up.
Depends on the system - definitely NOT in our system.

Maybe in Minn or Raiders?

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He's one of the worst QB's in the league, period. It doesn't take 3 - 5 years to tell if a QB can play anymore. Every year we see 1st and 2nd year QB's produce and lead their teams. The league has done a great job with transitioning college passers to the pro game lately. Sanchez just isn't good enough.
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When Sanchez had a good running game and a strong D he went to two straight championship games. I'm not saying he's the best backup QB, but he'd be a damn good one in the right situation.

The NY Jets are one of the top 5 worst run organizations in the NFL. No QB can thrive in that situation. Geno Smith is pretty much screwed unless they get him a lot of help.

As far as Sanchez goes, I think he'd be a top 5-10 backup QB if he gets decent coaching. I know the whole butt fumble and everything is funny and everybody loves to make fun of him, but he's not as bad as he's made out to be. He just needs to go somewhere where he can get out of the limelight and just work on football. And he needs to up his work ethic,
Sanchez is a reincarnation of Dilfer. Pre Raven years.
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