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Would Sanchez be the best backup QB in the NFL?

I honestly don't have a great recall of who all the backups around the league are at the moment. I asked the question because my understanding is that most backups are (1) guys that have never started a game, e.g., Tolzien or Mallet, or (2) guys who are even more washed up than Sanchez, e.g. Campbell.

This last year was Sanchez's worst by far. Before that, he was never considered elite but he was considered a serviceable starter in some circles. A youngish guy with championship experience and decent stretches of production makes an above average backup in my mind.

Also to clarify, I'm not discussing this from the 49ers perspective. Don't want him. Just curious which teams right now have the most "solid" backup QBs, and I think a released Sanchez could easily latch on somewhere where he would be considered a decent fallback option in the event of catastrophic injury.

As far as the 49ers, I'm still waiting for the Raiders to inevitably give up and release Pryor so Harbaugh can get his hands on him.
Hell no. Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy, Kirk Cousins and guys like that are still better.
Originally posted by ninerjok:
Hell no. Chase Daniel, Colt McCoy, Kirk Cousins and guys like that are still better.

I really think you're wrong. Has Chase Daniel ever started a game? Kirk Cousins is a more intriguing prospect than Sanchez and has a much higher ceiling, but Sanchez has started 40-something more games.

As for McCoy, I know we're all homers. And I was psyched about the McCoy acquisition and think he's a nice backup for us. I also wouldn't trade him straight up for all the baggage that comes with Sanchez.

But objectively speaking, I could pretty easily make a case that Sanchez is a better backup QB than McCoy. Sanchez's career high QBR was 48.0 in 2010. McCoy had 45.0 as a rookie that year, then dipped to 40.1 in 2011 as a full-time starter. Their passer ratings, completion percentages, and YPA are comparable throughout their careers.

I don't want this thread to be McCoy vs Sanchez, nor do I want the 49ers to pursue Sanchez. My only point is that Sanchez has a some legitimate championship experience and a long track record of performance at a level slightly below average. I'm intrigued to see which team scoops him up as a backup if he is indeed cut.
Originally posted by Antix:
When Sanchez had a good running game and a strong D he went to two straight championship games. I'm not saying he's the best backup QB, but he'd be a damn good one in the right situation.

The NY Jets are one of the top 5 worst run organizations in the NFL. No QB can thrive in that situation. Geno Smith is pretty much screwed unless they get him a lot of help.

As far as Sanchez goes, I think he'd be a top 5-10 backup QB if he gets decent coaching. I know the whole butt fumble and everything is funny and everybody loves to make fun of him, but he's not as bad as he's made out to be. He just needs to go somewhere where he can get out of the limelight and just work on football. And he needs to up his work ethic,

I think he needs to be in the right situation, good coaching , run game, etc, and he will be ok, and ok qb, something similar to alex smith. I think Alex Smith its better, but he needs the right system and situation, i dont think sanchez is that bad.
I think he could. Sanchez is clearly a QB that has won many games as a long-term starter. He's a QB that is only going to be good as the offense is going to be. The Jets offense used to be decent, so Sanchez sort of rode the defense to the AFCCG. This past season, the offense was putrid, and so was he.
He would win 10 games with our offensive line and weapons ....he cant make plays with his feet , but would thrive in a true WCO , where he would be counted on to be a consistent short yardage passer and allow our weapons to make YAC ....

but Kap is going to win 14 games this year ...Book It
U could argue that he could be the best back up qb to the back up qb. I'd say he could be the best 3rd string qb in the NFL
As much as I hate to say Petey up in Seattle was right, but he was right to tell Sanchez he should have stayed at USC and not gone Pro after 1 good year.
Sanchez is a scrub, all you guys that beat up on Alex Smith and are here defending Sanchez are hypocrites. Sanchez wouldn't even be a good number 2 if he was floating in a toilet.
I bet Jim Harbaugh could make him into a decent QB if he was CK's backup.Hell,Harbaugh could turn him into a potential 2nd/3rd round pick for us

Steve Smith thinks not
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N-O No !! The guy is not even the best 3rd string QB nevermind No. 2. Let's face it, he panicks, makes shi*e decisions and has a noodle arm. Any of our QBs is better than him. There is a reason why Steve Smiths says he "sucks".
Originally posted by Memphis9er:
Sanchez is a scrub, all you guys that beat up on Alex Smith and are here defending Sanchez are hypocrites. Sanchez wouldn't even be a good number 2 if he was floating in a toilet.

Really. Sanchez flat out sucks, and there's really no way to put it. He had ONE good season when he had a great defense, a monster running game, and a one-read offensive scheme. Who wouldn't be good under those circumstances?

Once he was asked to do more, he tanked. Personally, I'd much rather have Tolzien as a number two than Sanchez.
Real tough call - best back-up.

There is a definite correleation, IMO, between Poor QB performance and a Weak OLine.
are we talking best 2nd string of best 3rd string?
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