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Is Mark Sanchez really that bad?

Originally posted by InHarbsWeTrust:
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
you give him credit for doing well in the playoffs, citing team playoff record..

not say he didn't play well, just that he has declined since.

The outcome is a team stat, but HE played well.

Ya he did. But he hasn't built on it since.....
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One word - YES !!
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Ya he did. But he hasn't built on it since.....

He had a pretty good 3rd season with 26 TD's. Then the team went into the tank and so did he. I'm just not sure how much of it has to do with him just not being good...or the team being terrible. He progressed until last year.
He's not that bad. But then again, he's not that good either.
with a solid offensive line , and strong coaching ..Mark is a serviceable QB ...but the Butt Fumble will haunt him until he gets his career back on track ...but it wont be with the Jets ...they didnt draft Geno to hold a clipboard , the Jets fans wont have any patience if he is named starter, every F up they will scream for Geno , just as they screamed for Tebow last year ..his best bet is to get the hell out of NY
Hard to say, Sanchez has played for defensive minded coach with no clue as to how a QB should be treated. No weapons, no offensive line, and the kind of offense that puts to much pressure on the QB. So how does the think tank in NY handle this situation? Well, draft more defenders, of course! Bring in a new young QB, toss him into the breach, and repeat until fired, way to Ryan, way to go!
Is Sanchez that bad? I live 10 minutes from MetLife Stadium. Unfortunately Ive watched pretty much every Jet and Giant game for my entire life. Sanchez IS that bad. Its not just the buttfumble. He is one of the most inaccurate passers I have ever seen. He doesn't have an arm to push the ball downfield, fine, so then you better be accurate on the short and intermediate stuff. Well he missed wide open receivers 5 yards from the line of scrimmage every single game. You don't know how many times Ive seen him skip a pass on a 5 yard out.

His completion % over his career...


I really don't know what all the hype was about when he was coming out anyway. It was just the crop of players that were coming out that year. Aside from Stafford at the top, the rest of the QB's were garbage with Sanchize and Freeman the next two QB's. Mark had one year as a starter at USC and came out, ( Petey did not approve ). His rookie and 2nd year he did get his team to the AFC Champ game, but that team was loaded. They had a top 5 D, top 10 running attack and some weapons on the outside. All he needed to do was "game manage" ( a word we love in SF ) and not screw up . He made a couple plays in the playoffs and he was the 2nd coming of Namath.

Once they transitioned the offense to give him more responsibilities, the O-corrdinaters were the scapegoats ( going on a 3rd new one in row ) and fired. The excuses are over for Mark, weapons or not, this guy is horrible. If it wasnt for that retard Tannenbaum guaranteeing him money this year for no reason, he would already be gone already. The Jets are considering eating the 17.1 MILLION CAP HIT by cutting him this year. "The Jets could decide to spread that $17.1 million over two seasons ($12.35 million in 2013 and $4.8 million in 2014), but the cap hit is just outrageous."

Yes, he's THAT BAD!!!!
Nowhere near as good as thought and not nearly as bad as people say.

A little bit better than average QB -IMO a very good back-up.

BUT let's face it - when most of your team sucks on both sides of the ball, when you have a LOUD-MOUTH coach who's predicting championships and trash talking non-stop - someone's got to pay. Today it will be the QB - Rex will get his due soon.

BTW, they got what seems to be a pretty good GM.
Short answer yes. Lots of bad choices under pressure. Q: would maturity help him? Could you win with Mark Sanchez in 3 years if he spends them watching from the bench + getting real with his ego?

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I remember when 1/3 of the zone wanted to draft him. Where art thou now?

BTW I dont think he's that bad, but he's not that good. There was a time most NFL fans would take him over Alex Smith. He just needs to sit behind someone in a smaller market. He's a decent backup.
I'm surprised the Seahawks haven't gone after him, since he is a USC guy.
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
I'm surprised the Seahawks haven't gone after him, since he is a USC guy.

Carroll hasn't drafted many USC alumni. I think it's the norm, as Harbaugh hasn't drafted many (any) of his Stanford guys either. With the NFL draft offering much diverse talents, there is no point focusing on the talents that one used to coach.
No, he is worse.
He's bad.
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