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Chilo Rachal demoted, then leaves Bears

I seem to recall him being so highly touted. Like, oh yeah they took this guard and he's going to be a mauler. I think for some of these pros they just never really faced the heat before the pro game and they don't know how to adjust to life being tough. I think he may have been a player like that. Football obviously stopped being fun for him.
LOL beaten so bad he decides to leave the NFL. LMAO.
Clearly has some serious mental instability. The guy has been manhandled relentlessly his entire career.
probably headed to the seahawks
I don't know if this is funny or sad? But I'm really glad he's not on our team anymore.
Immaturity or mental issues. Singletary put him under his wing when he came to the 49ers and a starter at USC is made to feel as though he' s from Mt. Olympus. With all the holding penalties and offsides, not to mention the poor play, maybe he finally realized he's not a starter. Hope he invested his money wisely.
He really took that beating the Smiths gave them hard.
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As a fan....

As a humanbeing having a little compasion...
Sing wants winners.

But seriously, Sing drafted Iupati and Davis who are turning out to be excellent. So don't dump on Sing too much. Rachal is a head case.
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Originally posted by Chico:
As a fan....

As a humanbeing having a little compasion...

Pretty much sums up how i feel lol.

Very effective use of emoticons.
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lol at beast mode,,,eating glass
aldon ended his career
Always heard he shouldn't have entered the draft that early.
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