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Greatest Jaguars QB Mark Brunell to Retire

Not as much respect as I expected. I think people have forgotten some of his accomplishments, on an expansion team no less.

"Holds NFL record for most consecutive completions in a single game: 22."

"During his years in Jacksonville, Brunell was selected to the Pro Bowl three times, in 1997, 1998, and 2000 and awarded the Pro Bowl MVP in the 1997 game. With Brunell starting, the Jaguars won an AFC Central Division title and became the first NFL expansion team to make the playoffs three times in its first four seasons of play."

"Brunell also set the Redskins franchise record for highest completion percentage in a single game (88.9%). The previous record was held by Hall of Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh for 66 years (87.5%)"

No he's not Steve Young, but give the man some love.
Originally posted by Paul:
Originally posted by Joecool:
I remember when he was the next Steve Young. Turned out to be a minor league version.

from 96-99 he was one of the best QBs in the NFL... and in fact he did some great things while on a expansion team! He's def. not HOF or anything, but a huge difference maker for Jacksonville

LEFTWICH was the greatest jag QB :) lol
Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:
I agree, although I always thought of him as the poor mans Steve Young back in his prime, still he was a solid qb for jags.

By "stats" the alex haters would just call him a game manager
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