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Warren Sapp BANKRUPT

Originally posted by CowboyHunter:
I can't stand Warren sapp. He's dumb, obnoxious, hypocritical, and he ripped up Jerry's knee. Having said that, I find it so puzzling why people take such pleasure when athletes go bankrupt. Are people so blinded with jealousy that they can't understand athletes get paid what the market will bear? Remember, they're not just employees, they are also the product. They have a rare and in demand skill that we all obsess over, yet people whine as if somehow THEY deserve that money. Many athletes come from a poor often one parent background where they never see an example of how to manage finances. All of their lives they have NOTHING, and now they have everything. Their fate is not surprising. Do I feel sorry for them? No. All rookies have resources available to them to prevent this. I just find it sad how much pleasure people seem to take in the "misfortune" of others. Maybe it's time for you to take stock of your own lives.

It has nothing to do with him being an athlete. It is dislike. He hurt rice and took joy in it so Niner fans don't like him. That is pretty to understand. If he were a good dude (my perception) I wouldn't be happy about it.
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That sucks for him big time

Yeah I'm a Sapp fan. Hope he gets back on his feet. HOFamer for sure!
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^tTheres no more physically demanding job in the world than Football Player. LMAO

ya. tell that to the guys in the Bering sea or some of those Texas rough necks.

Yup. If "physically demanding" were the criteria, those guys crabbing in the Bering Sea would be making millions of dollars a year. If "risk to life and limb" were the criteria, firemen, policemen, and coal miners would all be making millions of dollars a year.

Professional football players work hard and take incredible risks, but financially they're much more like lottery winners than wage earners. And like lottery winners, most have little or no experience with handling large amounts of money. And, again, like lottery winners, many of them end up squandering their fortunes. The number of pro athletes who end up broke within a few years of leaving the sport is shockingly high. Warren Sapp's experience is not an aberration; it's surprisingly typical.

meh there are football players who are in more danger/risk to injury and work harder than some policeman. If someone attacks a cop, a cop can shoot them. On the field a guy like Nick Collins can get a neck injury real easily on a routine play. Football players also have to work out a lot harder than cops do. You have a point with the fire fighters, coal miners, and crabbing people part though
He's still in better financial shape than Ryan Leaf.
What a joke. I have no sympathy. He made more in a few years than I will ever see. If he couldn't manage that, then f**k him.
Maybe this experience will be a positive one for him. Sapp seems like the kind of person who has never had an ass whooping in his life and really needs to be humbled. Since nobody is really capable of giving him the ass whooping he needs, sometimes life has a way of coming through and providing it. Greg Papa on The Game talked the other day about when he was a Raider and what an ass he was to people there and to him, how he never showed any respect for anyone. You never really know what you had until you've lost everything. Maybe now he lives with more integrity and respect.
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Originally posted by TonyStarks:
He's still in better financial shape than Ryan Leaf.

Yeah Leaf could buy a lot of pills with $6.4 million.
Guess there's no point in Shockey suing him then. Sapp was an idiot for "outing" him in the first place, but to out the wrong guy.........?!
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Originally posted by ninersrule4:
That sucks for him big time

Yeah I'm a Sapp fan. Hope he gets back on his feet. HOFamer for sure!

and reported
Guess Sapp thought Mcdonalds was an all u can eat buffet.

Sapp busted for cocaine

(posts' from the future)
Not a fan of Sapp and he is a sap BUT been there and it is real painful. I don't wish it on anyone.
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Why is this thread even here? What business is it on any of you to discuss the personal finances of Warren Sapp? How would you like it if we started a thread to reveal your excessive debts, gambling addictions, alcoholism and/or sexaholism, history of child abuse, the way you have beaten your own children or spouse, etc.?

These are private issues, not food for gossips, which is what you all are if you are discussing someone else's personal and private life.

Do you really believe that if somebody works as a professional football player then that person's private life is forever on display for you and your gossip monger friends to discuss because you don't have lives of your own?

its the zone,its what we do doe

Like it or not people are going to talk about personal finances of prominent people when they go downhill. If you accept the benefits of fame(money, endless women, popularity) you also get the downsides of it when things aren't going so good.

No one gives a s**t if I go bankrupt. If the media decided to defame you you could sue them. But those protections average people get are taken away from well known prominent people.

The fact is this kind of s**t is engrained in our culture, we like hearing the latest rumors or gossip about athletes in particular on this site. That doesn't mean we "have no lives" or that we obsess about it, but certainly ya'll just read that article didn't you? Now we're talking about it. Get over it.

I'm like this if we have an opportunity to talk about a stupid fat piece of s**t who literally tore our GOAT'S knee up on an illegal tackle then hey we are going to do it lol. Sapp's a big boy he will be okay.
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Originally posted by ninersrule4:
That sucks for him big time

Yeah I'm a Sapp fan. Hope he gets back on his feet. HOFamer for sure!

and reported

Haha I am bro! It was funny how he would just bully everyone on Total Access and no one would say s**t to him lol.
that what he gets for what he did to rice in 97
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