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R.I.P. Al Davis

Originally posted by Janitor:
I'm not sad. RIP, as I always wish those who die, but we have not lost anything from his death.

R.I.P Al Davis! hate your team but respected you.
Originally posted by AJ_Larrea954:
just yesterday nobody had a problem making fun of him and called him a terrible owner, now that hes dead everyone is like "awww poor Al Davis he was such a great owner he did such great things for the NFL in the 60s and 70s" yeah it sucks when anybody dies but get off his nuts
Hate him or not,the man was a legend. RIP Mr. Davis.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I has a sad. How come it couldn't be john and denise yorks?

rofl, I can't say I blame you for saying this....still...
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One of the things I respected about him, recently, was when news came out that he was the only GM to vote no on the first big lockout deal, the one that set to screw the players big time. He showed a rare amount of care for the players.

His scouting was mediocre if not terrible in recent years. Of course some good players are going to come when you're drafting high every year, after Asomugha they drafted 3 first round busts in a row, then Huff who has been an ok safety, then another bust in Russell. So that's 2 serviceable players in those 6 years. Ouch. One player if you consider they let asomugha leave.

Then mcfadden was a good pick, verdict is still out on heyward-bey but he has been way more frustrating than Crabtree for us.

Overall he's a hall of famer, once upon a time was a decent GM, but imo should have hit the retirement button years ago. Raiders should improve in the long run without some of his crazy drafting strategies like "taking the fastest guy".
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
Wow. What was the cause?


Just saw this on NFL network. Crazy, RIP.
Originally posted by Otter:
I hate the Raiders, but Al Davis certainly helped shape the league in to what it is today. RIP

Not much more to say. Other than....

"Just win, baby!"

Happy Trails, Al.
RIP..... luv m or hate m he did a whole lot for this game he'll always be a part of the sport
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