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Chris Hogan is going to turn a lot of heads

Played 11 games in his only season for Monmouth, recording 12 catches for 147 yds. and 3 TDs at WR, while posting 28 tackles and 3 INTs as a safety. Prior to playing football, was a four-year starter in lacrosse for Penn State. Attended Ramapo (PA) HS, where he earned three varsity letters and left the school as the all-time leading receiver. Born 10/24/88 in Ramapo, NJ.
“I always tell people Chris and ‘Cush’ are two of the best athletes I’ve ever trained,” said Joe DeFranco, owner of DeFranco’s Training in Wyckoff, in reference to Hogan and Texans linebacker Brian Cushing, a Bergen Catholic grad.
Only a junior, Chris hauled in 47 catches for 819 yards and 12 TD’s. On defense, he had 3 interceptions and averaged 36 yards a punt. After a big junior year, Chris will be one of the most sought after wide receiver prospects in New Jersey next year. New to the DeFranco Training family, look for Chris to be bigger, stronger & faster next season. Chris is also one of the state’s best lacrosse players.

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he will be cut
This dude ain't Hulk Hogan!
Originally posted by valrod33:
he will be cut

Is this a man crush thread ... not sure.
have they sent an email to all the teams about him?
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Has he even played yet?
Looks like a homo.
why? is he going to become a chiropractor after we cut him?

Originally posted by HaiGuise:

Alriiiigggghhhty then
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Alriiiigggghhhty then

thats how he catches balls
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The next Miles Austin

The next Jerry
Idk, we have enough rookie weight..this dude is cut
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