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Do you have a 2nd favorite NFL team?

I don't really like any other team, maybe whoever is playing the raiders,, just for fun,,,,,i like some of the players out there like guys who weren't expected to be great but turned out to be,,,,, I really like Arron Rodgers ever since the draft, after he handled it so well not being pick early, and some other guys like payten hillis, arian foster,,, and i still like Branden Loyd,, he finally after all these years had a great season last year.
No.....I for real can honestly say that I could care less about any other team in the NFL....ok maybe I root for a team in the Superbowl, but once they win its back to me saying, brah wait till we smash them next year....hahaha been saying that for years now.....
No. Love the 49ers dislike everyone else HATE THE COWBOYS!
I'm a NINER fan first and foremost.....and a PATRIOT fan distant second.

Gotta root for a Cal Brady and a local Fresno State Alum.....Mankins. The pats just remind me of how the Niners use to be...and how they should be.
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No. Just who I bet on that week.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
All you choosing the patriots should be beaten with an old shoe.

Interested in: Raiders, Bucs, Texans, Titans (b/c of Locker), Lions, Panthers (b/c of Rivera and Clausen), Raiders.

2nd Fav: Chargers.
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