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Would Alex Smith even re-sign if offered??

Let's live in my fanatasy world for a second and belive the Niners are going to string together a bunch of wins and squeak into the playoffs.

To do this you have to assume the D is great, the O-line gets better, Sing shuts up, and most importantly Alex Smith playes good to very good the rest of the year. Let's say he gets the turnovers under control, makes smart decisons, thwos for 225 yards a game and looks like a top 10-15 QB in this league. I assume the Niners offer a contract.

Would Smith even sign it at this point??

If he can prove to the rest of the NFL that he can do it, and he can get out of the mickey mouse operations and coaching that the Niners have become, don't you think he would go to greener pastures??

As much as we all complain about Smith ( I am a weary supporter), if he gets offers to go elsewhere what would keep him here?

His supportive coach? His great coaching atmosphere and innovative strategists? The great facilities? The fans that boo him for taking a drink from the wrong gatorade botttle? The media that has tossed him under the bus?

I am worried we might be seeing his last season no matter what. He either stinks and is not re-signed, or playes well and leaves to go somewhere better.
Be great if he didn't!!!
IF (and that's a big if...) all that happens, then that means we start winning consistently and everybody becomes happy. With the team, with the coaches, with his performance.

Of course, he'll sign.

And we still keep waiting for all the perfect conditions and the planets to align so that Alex plays competently on a consistent basis.

yeah right.......
I think two things have to happen for him to resign: 1) Singletary gets fired, 2) He doesn't get an offer from a legitimate playoff caliber team running the same offense.
Honestly, if I were an offensive player on this team I would be looking elsewhere. Football careers are short, look at Frank Gore, running backs have the shortest NFL careers of any offensive players, with this staff it is safe to say he will never win a championship. If Frank would take a reduced role he might get a ring someday as a back-up elsewhere.

So if I were Alex, Crabs, Morgan, VD, or any other skill guy I would RUN from Singletary as fast as I could!

As for Alex, he needs a change of scenery and this team is to stubborn, stupid or lazy to try and find another QB. I think the only way we move forward in our search for QB is if ALex leaves us!
I think he will. Doubt he'd want to learn another offensive system all over again.
In fact, I think that's why he chose to take the pay cut to stay here in the first place.
Can't say I'd blame him if he left. He'll get offers, good ones, if he shows a modicum of improvement over the rest of the season. I could absolutely see Smith becoming a lot like Dilfer... learning to play within himself and winning a championship with a defensive team.
I dont think Alex would start for another team in the NFL. Lets face it our #2 had more success in this league and is very much considered a bum in the league and his drafted team waited way to long to get rid of, ala Harrington... Sounds familiar dont it
Regardless of what happens the rest of this season Alex Smith isn't getting re-signed. The team will have options to upgrade the QB position in the offseason and will get severely ridiculed in the media if it passes on those options in order to go into year 7 of the Alex Smith project.

This thread shows that some posters aren't really fans of the team, but fans of an underdog player who occupies the most important position on offense.

The offseason was spent surrounding Alex Smith with better talent; bringing back the same OC for consistency; and pumping up his confidence by singing him praises in the media about his new found swag and leadership abilities.

Despite that he has failed to lead the team. Most importantly he's failed himself in not playing well enough to secure a new contract with the team and to remain a starter in this league after this season.

When he goes I hope he takes the delusional cultists masking as Niner fans with him.

The Niners gave Smith a 2nd shot about 5 times now. His loyalty lies in SF.
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It is exactly this scenario that made me think that the 49ers needed to sign Alex to a 2 year contract this offseason. If Alex is a top-15 QB this year, then that means he would be an upgrade for half the teams in the NFL. You don't think there are other teams that would bid for a young top 15 QB on the open market? Alex would command top dollar on the open market. Alex probably would lean towards the 49ers so that he did not have to learn a new system, but they would probably end up franchising him or offering him a contract near the top 5 QB in the league. It isn't that he is that good, but that in the open market that is what a bidding war would produce.
Pfft he'd stay her his entire life if he could, Smith and his hot wife love Cali!

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Why would he? Theres nothing left here for him. He can't succeed here. It's just the way things are. He'd be wise to move on.
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