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Well barring a huge miracle Arizona is the...

Arizona is just bullying the Vikes around.... just punking them left and right and celebrating afterwords....

next week, we better be the bullies.
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Originally posted by Afrikan:
Arizona is just bullying the Vikes around.... just punking them left and right and celebrating afterwords....

next week, we better be the bullies.

I take solace in that. This loss would be a hell of a lot of harder to swallow right now if zona was losing.
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They're the better team. They deserve it. We started 3-1, and havent been able to double our win total since...........

I hope this is a lesson for front mgmt to be extra aggressive this offseason, especially in FA.
Originally posted by WestCoast:
you should thank Gore and VD. But hey, we got a quarterback, right??

Yep we have a QB.
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Run the table, and hope for the best I guess


Even if we "ran the table" we STILL fall short. we're 5-7 and they're 8-4. How do you figure we can turn this around?

We had a chance IF they lost. Our season officially ended today.


I'm looking at the wild card. If we run the table we're 9-7, with the tie breaker over Philly. Add in Dallas usual collapse and maybe we get lucky and sneak in.

Definetily not likely, but if we run the table and miss the playoffs by an inch or two oh well at least we have serious positive momentum going into next year.

At this point, we don't deserve it. They haven't risen to the occasion. This was the big game to man up, take the next was on the line today, they didn't take the opportunity when they had the chance, they are not ready. It's time to move on to next year.

Don't deserve it? What game did you watch? Alex's completion percentage alone suggests they DO deserve it. It's just sad that a game is so damned easily determined by the Refs and their calls and lack of calls. It's NOT supposed to be like this. You're sposed to go scrap it out with the Opposing team not the Opposing team AND the Refs.

Total BS.


C'mon man, we don't want to be sounding like we are whining about the ref's. You know we can't blame the ref's, no matter how f**ked up they are. We gotta be bigger and better than that, we gotta have it resting in our hands and not having it rest in the zebra's hands. We did all that, but we didn't hold onto the ball in the end zone, we pulled back from the big hit in the end zone, we fumbled the ball etc. They had their chances...they didn't get it done...they didn't rise up to the challenge and capitalize on those chances.

I don't gotta do nothin.

They're lucky they don't walk out of their hotels in the morning to find their tires flattened on their rental cars. And kidnapped and executed Sin Fien style.

I mean c'mon man there comes a time and point when that bigger than the other guy stuff goes out the window. And me? I passed that point a long time ago. Like I said if I had the money I would sue the HELL out of the league for this garbage. Usually I'm pretty good with having the right verbage for the suit but my emotions are so raw right now I can't hardly think in legal terms.

I don't know whether the league should just fire them all or put them in front of a firing squad and have them summarily executed.


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they do these "curses" not apply every time they would help the niners?

super bowl hangover curse: Seattle wins division next season, now arizona is about to....

madden curse: alexander on the cover... he went downhill, but the team still won. fitz on the cover, and damn he's still flying out there.

(not that i wish injuries on other players)
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