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Elvis Dumervil: Single Season Sack Record Watch

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I remember watching some Louisville games and just being amazed at the motor on this guy. Alot of people compares him to Dwight Freeny.

If I remember right...we didn't draft him because he was too short.

This is why we don't get these guys. We are way too freaking ridiculously absorbed in their height-weight attributes over whether or not the guys can actually freaking play.

It's asinine and infuriating because based on McCloughlan's history, he'd pass up on a guy like Eric Norwood or Brandon Graham -- two great pass-rushers in this upcoming draft -- just because of an inch or two in height. Absurd.

To be fair, isn't Parys Haralson barely 6-0 tall?

According to and Yahoo Sports, Haralson is indeed 6 feet tall. And we drafted Haralson in the 5th round (7th pick) in 2006 whereas Dumervil was drafted in the 4th round (29th pick).

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He was dominent in college but the scouts said he was to small for the nfl. Broncos took him in the 5th round and now he's all pro. Shows the scouts don't know s**t.
he was picked in the mario williams draft right? and is having a better stats career than williams I believe
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he was picked in the mario williams draft right? and is having a better stats career than williams I believe

They are actually pretty even though I would give the slight edge to Williams because Mario is more a run stopper too. Mario had 14, 12 and 2 sacks so far in his 3rd season. And Williams has higher tackle # per year. Elvis 12, 5 and so far 10 sacks. Elvis played DE his first two years but because of the move to the 3-4 D, he is LB/DE and it looks like it is a great move for him as he may or may not be rushing the passer on every down and that helps him so far.

Though for where each was drafted, Elvis is "doing better" than Mario.
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How come we never get guys like this on the 49ers?

You mean guys like Patrick Willis?
My brother is a Broncos fan and he was telling me about Dumerville in preseason. I was like, who?

Now he lets me know every week who he is.
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