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Would you be okay with trading next year's 1st round pick?

Would you be okay with trading next year's 1st round pick?

A lot of posters (well, one mostly but some others as well) are featuring mock drafts with us trading our 3rd and next year's first to get another 1st round pick this year, which is almost always met with disapproval by the majority of posters. I'm trying to get a sense of where people stand.

If we were a team one player away from a championship, I'd consider it. But while we showed a lot of strengths last year, we have some glaring weaknesses as well. And though we're a young team, we're also inconsistent and depth is always a good thing. Finally, if Smith or Carr doesn't pan out this year, we'll likely use our #1 next year to draft a franchise QB. Robbing us of that option to get greedy in the first is short-sighted.

But some people are pushing for it, while there may be some who are generally against it, but would consider it for a special player. Where do you stand?
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Like most said in the first 10 threads about this this, hell no.
I'd say MAYBE... I'd much rather that as opposed to trading a 2010 pick for a future pick. We need to add talent and win NOW. That said, I think we have enough firepower to not have to trade a future 1st.
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Only if we are also trading our 2012 2013 and 2014 1st rounders as well. Imagine having two 1st round picks and five 2nd round picks THIS YEAR
Originally posted by valrod33:

This, only more so. I was happy trading back in time, our 2nd for a 1st next year and looking at the draft this year, GREAT call! But the other way takes away your flexibility and spoils much of the fun of the draft.
If we could use next years first to trade up and ensure we get one of the top tackles in this years draft, I'd do it. As long as we still have 2 1sts and our 2nd this year. Our 1st next year hopefully would be a late 1st anyways.
The player would have to be a great value AND fill a need to consider that.
No way. We already have two first round picks. There is no point stockpiling more. That is fantasy draft/Madden kind of thinking.

If anything, we might trade back a bit for another second rounder. It would cost too much to give up enough for a top 10 pick and anything less than that wouldn't be a "sure thing" kind of talent worth it to give up our future.

We have TWO picks in the mid rounds. Whoever we value in that range we will get.

There is no point in sacrificing the future for another mid to late first rounder. That value compared to who will will get with our second round pick just isn't that different.

depends what and who were getting for it
Trade it for what?
Depends what we'd get for it, it'd have to be a lot but hopefully our pick next year isn't as valuable as it is this year.
I never say never.

#13 + #1 next year for Darrelle Revis? Yup.

#1 next year for a chance to draft Charles Brown - Hell no.
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The 2010 draft is considered one of the strongest in many yrs. because of the college jr's coming out. Logic tells you it will be a weak sr. class next yr. and I believe we'll be drafting in the high #20's with a deep playoff run. Combine that with at least a 50-50 chance of no CBA and subsequent lockout in 2011. The shrewd, not irresponsible strategy, is to use the devalued 2011 #1 rounder this yr and increase our talent going into a very promising yr. " YOU PLAY THE GAME TO WIN."!
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