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Seahawks acquiring Marshall means Spiller available at #17?

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Any team that wants to go deep into the playoffs MUST have depth at RB, and that depth needs to offer a change-of-pace guy.

I love Gore but if he goes down, this offense turns south. Therefore it isn't about what Frank thinks, it is about what is best for the team. Spiller sounds like the kind of matchup back that requires other teams account for him. That will helps Gore, and the rest of the offense.

As to drafting slots, it is a given that one of those first two picks must be a guy who can play RT. While Williams might be that guy, it is not out of the realm of possibility that they get a LT and move Staley back to RT.

Lots of possibilities but a team can never be short on RBs if they want to win consistently. So 13 or 17, Spiller sounds like a very good option. A matchup back doesn't have to be big, he just has to be a threat to break one. Spiller is that kind of guy.

09 Colts last in rushing. made superbowl
08 Cards last in rushing. made superbowl

If you want to be a running team. Yes you need depth at RB. It's only a MUST if that's what you want to be. 09 showed us that, that's not what we should try to be.

The Colts have Peyton Manning, the Cardinals had Kurt Warner. The Saints, who won in 2009, have a three-back corps, rather than a single back with a backup, and the Steelers who won in 2008 have a two-back corps. That Warner/Fitzgerald and Manning/whoever's-catching-a-Manning-pass were able to succeed without a strong running game, and therefore we don't need one either, is not a strong argument.
i think spiller will be our 13th pick, only cause we have another pick 4 spots later. he will win us at least two games with his outstanding play making ability. we absolutely had no impact plays in the return game, which would have made a huge difference in some games
I think Spiller won't be there at 13
Passing on Spiller at 13 will kill us.

Giving Seattle the chance to get Marshall and Spiller in an offseason? How much will any QB have to do?
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