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Best draft strategy

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I'm hoping Kinlaw falls to #13...or one of the top OT's. Lynch should pull the trigger on one of them. If the guys they want the most are gone, then I'd say he'd be wise to trade down to get more picks. He'd still have two 1st rounders, plus a 2nd and maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder. I really don't believe Lynch will draft any of the 3 WR's expected to go early in the 1st rd. The DL hole created by the Buckner trade is huge...and must be filled. If Kinlaw's gone, a trade down could still land one of the top DT's, like Madubuike, Blacklock or Davidson. The strategy is to fill the DT gap and prepare for Staley's retirement with a top OT. Particularly if Lynch trades out of #13, he'll also have legit options to get a good WR, CB, interior OL, TE and whatever other positions they feel they need. Beyond that, Lynch could garner a couple of other picks by trading Goodwin, Breida and ???
The way I see it, DL is important because DeFo and Day are gone. Kinlaw or Chaisson at #13 to keep DL fresh during games. Trade Thomas for the betterment of both parties involved. #31, trade to get into the second round but target either Claypool or Mims; two big receivers with speed. Hopefully, a 3rd and 4th are picked up and then target OL (or two) DB help, maybe another WR or DL, TE.
Depending who's gonna be there at 13.

IMO, Jeudy and Ruggs are going to be great, and they are also a perfect fit for this offense. But if one of them are there, and if the draft plays out with the other 4-5 teams after us not really needing a WR, I would trade down and draft him with that pick. We can gamble because it is a deep WR draft.

But I doubt that Jeudy or Ruggs will be there when we pick. If that's the case, then we just trade down and go with BPA, and #31 a need position.
Whatever we may do draft pick trade-wise, priorities should be:
  1. OL
  2. CB
  3. WR
In that order.
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I look at it like this (kind of simplistic, but oh well):

*If the 49ers entiire draft class makes the 53 man roster, this roster is not as good as we think it is.

*If the 49ers need to add more than 7 players to this roster, not counting UDFAs, their roster's depth sucks.
Step 1:
Draft good players.

Step 2:
Don't not draft good players

Step 3:
Do pass on bad players

Step 4:
Don't not pass on bad players
Originally posted by Steve123:
WR always become available (Hopkins, Diggs, OBJ, etc). Having a QB and keeping him upright is still the number one predictor of success in the NFL. Pass rushers and protectors are always the greatest return on win share. As long as I have a QB of the present and future I will draft in the trenches 9/10 unless the talent dictates an extreme BPA.

If i was Lynch I would hope for Wirfs/Thomas/Wills @ 13 and Ruiz @ 31.

I would love to have the next decade say Jimmy is my guy and have him behind LT: Thomas, C: Ruiz, RT: Mcglinchey. Stong Shanny schemed run game and O line makes this offense good enough
Wow like I wrote this myself.

This the smartest and most sensible post on the subject.
I just want some sexy picks. Tired of trench positions. Get some f**kin skill positions. WR or CB.

Most dominant Defensive Line in the league and we lost because the refs swallowed the whistle and never called offensive holding. Why? We are not sexy enough on offense. Don't put up flashy numbers. Don't have State Farm commercials. Start appealing to fantasy football so the commissioner cuts us some slack.

It starts at pick #13. I like Jeudy, Lamb, and Ruggs in that order. Skipping on these guys and going trenches again..... Idk. I'd be only slightly okay with it if its an offensive linemen
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I concur with Brent Jones. I'd love to find a way to get Simmons or Chase Young. Either guy puts keeps our D Elite for another 5 years.
Originally posted by WestCoastForever:
Whatever we may do draft pick trade-wise, priorities should be:
  1. OL
  2. CB
  3. WR
In that order.

Perfect. Only slight addition i would consider, if at #13, our guy is there, say an OL, but so is one of the top 3 WRs. We could easily trade down at least 1 and maybe 2 slots for allowing a team just below us to nail down a top flite WR. That should be worth a really good additional pick in early rd 2, maybe even another in Rd 1 if we still get the guy we wanted at #13.

At #31, say it is a Cover Corner who is still there, if we could still get him one or two slots down, then make that trade also, and get our extra pick PLUS the guy we wanted at #31. Actually john has been pretty good doing exact,y that.

What i wouldn't do is trade the #13 pick for a 22nd and a (whatever the draft equivalent chart shows). Only trade would be if we still get the guy we wanted initially at #31, and move down just a slot or two for that extra pick also. No wholesale bailing out on either pick...just tiny moves to get extra picks but also the guy we wanted.

At the very least we should exit rd 1 with 2 NEW starters. That's at the least. Even better would be to get those guys each with an extra pick next rd.

We need a tackle that can play guard. And a center that can play guard. And then a cornerback.

WR Is not an issue. Petty boy will man up cuz he got benched for Sam boy.
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Originally posted by All22:
I concur with Brent Jones. I'd love to find a way to get Simmons or Chase Young. Either guy puts keeps our D Elite for another 5 years.

I know it won't happen BUT

If we got Chase Young we'd be the #1 D for years and years to come.
Trade back
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WR at 13, move back off 31 and use guys like Beathard, Breida, Goodwin to maneuver / turn a 6th into a 4th. Then pick OL, DL, CB etc
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Originally posted by thl408:
I'm not a fan of using #13 on a WR if it's supposedly a deep WR class. Not downplaying the need for a WR, just don't think it needs to be at #13. I'd be fine with trading out of #13, move down to 20 something overall, get a day 2 pick. No idea if that works out value wise.
#20 something
round 2 pick
day 3 picks
That should be a rookie class we can get excited about.

this too is my opinion on best strategy
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