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Is Robert Saleh doing a good job in 2018

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Is Robert Saleh doing a good job in 2018

Originally posted by DRCHOWDER:
I like saleh...he just needs a pro bowler at every single defensive position. Is that really too much to ask for ?

We, quite literally, have a CB that has allowed like 3 receptions all year. It's so bad that QB's don't even bother looking to the right side; so much so that Sherman got a sack because nobody even bothers to look that way. LOL.

Yet, have we rolled coverage to the weak side even once? Honest question.
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Idk how but we're actually above average in yards allowed.

Hopefully he doesn't get a 10-year extension
How about Vance Joseph? He'll most likely be fired after the season
Tough call in making any predictions.

"IF" they replace Saleh, which I doubt, there should be a few good candidates.

IMO, they shouldn't take any newbies and do what the Rams did. Go w/experience.

IMO, they should focus on a former HC who lost his job but was an excellent DC like Phillips and Schwartz in Philly.

Todd Bowels from the Jets should be done at the end of the season.

Could be a good pick-up.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
Thanks, jcs. That was the unstated point. It was surprising that we didn't hear anything about JL/KS at least interviewing some potential DCs. Altho who knows, perhaps they did. At least, one would have hoped for more talented DB coaches.

Odds are increasing that Todd Bowles gets fired by the end of the season. If Kyle were to snatch him up......

Ok, a candidate. and yes i am interested. But here is the question that should be asked of all the "candidates" which probably means that DC got canned.
Question: what did he do at his current job that got him fired/removed? And how do we know that we won't just be importing someone else's problem DC?

Just asking out of ignorance, PHX, and this would be a question for every DC candidate. Very interesting that you were reviewing all his multiple wild blitzes because right now that is a big issue with Saleh. He just avoids blitzing and unfortunately for us we don't have 4 all pro DLs crashing every play. It sounds like a DC i would really be interested in. Still to get fired he probably has a downside. By chance do you know what it is?
Robert "Sally"
Has to go!
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