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RIP LeSean McCoy's career?

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The pressure and stress of being stuck in the Patriots division really gets to some
Dam f*ck that guy to the fullest if this is true.
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Originally posted by brodiebluebanaszak:

Haven't seen anything yet.
Wow, it's hard to believe nowadays but if this is true. His career is over!
Whoever beat that woman needs to be locked up
If true, he's fn done.
Maybe they should have been reporting him when he was viciously beating his poor child and dog.
Wow poor dog

seems 'shady'
damn he was a future hall of famer, not its looking murky. As niner fans dealing with reubens debacle we understand that this could all be fake but damn the person went all f**king out in this post..
Surely this is true and not a random social media post.

Oh wait...
Another woman is sayng he sent guys over to pistol whip her.
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omg..if he did that
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