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Todd Bowles

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I live in New York area. Talk about Bowes being fired. How about him as a DC?
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Yes please, would want us to be all over that s**t.

Do it Jets.
Hell yeah, offer him truck loads of cash
I hope this happens if he is out of NY
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Hell to the yes for Bowles as DC. So I guess we have to root against the Jets from here on out? Done.
Yes yes yes! If he is let go you drive up to his house with a truck filled with cash. He's a very good DC and would be a huge addition.
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Hell yeah, question is do we keep Chip?
Absolutely...he had Zona's defense humming and would be a huge breath of fresh air to our defense.
Bowles says to Kelly, "Only use hurry up to mix up, go power with your OL, add more snaps under C and add in a FB for short yardage and goal line situations and I'll go there."

This would be a great pick up
I would sh!t myself with joy and not bother cleaning up. Dude is a fvcking wizard on defense. This defense has pieces, but it's like watching a blind man put together a jigsaw puzzle right now...
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Pay him more than Chip Kelly if we have to
Lmao what makes you all think he would come over here?? Doesn't he run the 4-3?
Originally posted by pelos21:
Lmao what makes you all think he would come over here?? Doesn't he run the 4-3?

our defense would thrive in a 4-3 tbh. We dont have a true NT to support a 3-4 anymore. Imagine buck and AA in the middle and tank could possibly play his natural position in a 4-3 de(if he stays)
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