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***Pro Bowl Thread***

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lol That was a pretty cool TD. Dalton to Marshall.
lol at the marshall catch. That's why a seahawk don't belong in the probowl.
  • MuggD
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This is the most I've ever watched the pro bowl for some reason. I've still missed about half the game though.
  • Tman
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didnt watch a second of it
  • THEB
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The NFC is gonna lose cause the AFC is trying to go all out and play like its a real game now, and cam cant complete a pass if his life depended on it
My god, Cam Newton sucks in this game.
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4th quarter is always fun! No more bs 2 hand touch!
Brandon Marshall should change his name to Brandon Monster.

f**k the pro bowl, not watching lol
Man, Cam Newton is sucking it up in a game that doesn't count.
3rd INT for Cam
sick return but I can't figure out why Cam threw it there. Oh well, success or failure the guy sure provides a lot of entertainment out there.
Nobody is blocking for Cam doe..
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