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The Official Las Vegas Raiders Thread

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Eagles, Seahawks

Another "Franchise Quarterback " benched
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Did that performance last night earn a Josh McDaniel firing?

After losing to the coach that never coached in the NFL or college, and then losing to a QB that just showed up a few days ago should seal it.

I don't see why he would get fired, this is the guy they hired. Go look at his Broncos Head Coaching experience, this is who McDaniels is as a head coach. They are getting what they bought (paid for) in a head coach.

Nepotism and good old boys clubs keep getting these guys jobs and contract buyouts, this is why football is what it is today (WWE).

If the Raiders had different expectations then they have bigger issues. I'm just glad its them and not us.

I wonder if they will go ALL in on Harbaugh though if he does win the National Championship and wants to go back to the NFL....depends how much money the owner is willing to eat.

I would actually hate that.

Who's Got it better than us!?
They finally came to their senses after all these years? Carr can retire in all actuality. It's been that long.

He's always been very bad under pressure and very overrated. Now he has great weapons on offense and he still leads the league in interceptions? What a joke. The Raiders should just sign Jimmy Garoppolo next year
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If you're a grown man who puts make up and dresses up like it's Halloween to games for these losers you seriously need to reevaluate your life.

cold blooded
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Carr's playlist on loop while he drives home.
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I can't see how we can lose this weekend with the dysfunction that is going on in Las Vegas. I may question reality if we lose.
Carr leaving the stadium

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Carr leaving the stadium

Bravo 👏 perfect D0peman!!!!
Josh McDaniels dismantling another franchise lol
Pretty good discussion about how bizarre it is that Carr was sent home to "avoid distractions".

He is going to have to learn to love Detroit next year.
Thank goodness McDaniels didn't take the 49ers job in 2017
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