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The Official Las Vegas Raiders Thread

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Because it's so damn fun to make fun of these clowns

Any news about this pathetic excuse for a franchise can be posted in here, topics such as which Raider broke the law this week, about how they have a worse #1 overall QB pick than we do, or even them cutting draft picks before they even make it to training camp, or you can just drop by to talk about how much you think they suck

It's all here folks, welcome to the toilet bowl of thread's about the toilet bowl of the NFL
at some point in the season.......there is going to be something good going on here. whatever pains them makes me feel better..........cant wait
Every bit of news regarding the Raiders leave me in complete amaze. The s**t Al Davis pulls is asinine. It's even more pathetic, to a point I almost feel bad, seeing the Raiders fans defending the decisions from the backwards ass Raiders.
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They suck.

Announcer: "Russell's fat a** is throwing it deep to DHB, he's a step ahead of the defender...and it's caught--no wait, he dropped it again. Typical Raiders play."
that Frank Gore and V. Davis are tearing up the raiders.
So my coworker comes to the warehouse all P.O.'d
and i say "WazDa Matta Wit U fool."
And he says "I just read on our forum that your stupid running back and tight end are tearing us up!"
Hahaa!!! I don't have a link or anything but maybe the Matts will confirm this later on.

damn I wanna see the link lol
Gore is running all over them, and Vernon has beat 3 of them in MORTAL COMBAT!!!!
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