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Alabama vs Notre Dame: BCS Championship

Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Ain't Ohio State undefeated? Don't tell me they get to "share" the national title with Alabama because they lost a game.
ineligible for postseason play. suck for them.
Did someone forget to tel the Irish the game is tonight?
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
I just wish Johnny FB was playing in this game. At least there would be some excitement.

Yeah having a great running QB is always the equalizer in CFB. Like Vince Young running over USC. IMO USC was clearly the better overall team, but VY was the most dominant college football player, and still to this day I think VY's season was the most dominant I've seen, more than Cam Newton, Tebow an Johnny Football.
Only reason the cheese heads were in the rose bowl osu and psu were ineligible
Wow Bama is punting.
They killin' em
Pick 6 coming up
Lol at clinton dix
Notre dame makes one stop and does nothing
Screw this game, just show McCarron's girl

I kept hearing how people where tired of seeing SEC teams in the title game and that they wanted to see someone else VS ND.

Looks like it's ND that shouldn't be in it. Stanford, Georgia even Oregon woulda put up a better fight.
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ND Fans
Originally posted by DaManRathman:
Screw this game, just show McCarron's girl

she got exactly what she wanted. national exposure. bet she is the most looked up human in the planet ever since brent musburger nearly fapped in his pants
Is this going to hurt Tao's draft status? He is a non factor.
chip kelly and his ND are bunch of frauds
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