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2011 Oregon Ducks Football Thread

LET'S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to see one Bowl victory while I go to Oregon...

By the way, look out for this dude right here, player of the game right here.

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smell them roses
Originally posted by bors:
smell them roses

sniff, sniff

smells good
WTF Rose Bowl 80+ degrees.

In January.
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
WTF Rose Bowl 80+ degrees.

In January.

The sun's reflection off of our helmets is gonna be a factor. Book it.
Saw everything I needed to see from those first 2 drives.

No defense is going to be able to stop the other. It's going to be a very high-scoring game
I'm stressed out
De'Anthony Thomas will win the Heisman one year. Fact.
Im not to familiar with ou and this is biased since he was my teammate in HS but why doesn't Vaughn get more playing Time at WR

Oregon's helmets are rugged
Wrong time to pull a Caleb Hanie
well that was a s**ttacular finish lol
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Oregon's helmets are rugged

Why was Oregon's QB's jersey so short?

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