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Congrats ROY Buster Posey

just announced on ESPN...congrats on ROY
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HEY we want some POSEY
129 points to posey, 107 to heyward
Originally posted by schmons:
129 points to posey, 107 to heyward

pretty close, as it should have been
JRG bout to complain
Originally posted by crzy:
HEY we want some POSEY

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Originally posted by valrod33:
Originally posted by ads_2006:
JRG bout to complain

The first thing I thought when I saw this thread.

Congrats, Busta!!!

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yueah, yueah yueah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congrats Posey!
Do we really need a thread just for this? Dont you have a Giants thread already? How many threads are necessary for christ sake????

LOL.. My James impersonation.

Congrats Buster. You deserved it.
Nice. Let's get Belt a ROY award as well.
Nice, I just picked up his rookie card yesterday too
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