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***2012-2013 Utah Jazz Thread***

Carrol smh
Favors comes out, Spurs make another run...
Favors beasting! Playing agressive. Hes too big/fast/strong for Blair
i aint gonna lie, the jazz get another wing player and they could be scary in another year or two. they won't get any better than a four seed though, cause i just don't see them passing okc anytime soon. but they could definitely start showing up in their rear view mirror soon.

denver is trash
Favors is starting tonight

Originally posted by saniner:
Favors is starting tonight

Great! This will allow for our bench to dominate your bench even more.
Originally posted by Joecool:
Great! This will allow for our bench to dominate your bench even more.

Pretty much. Especially since it means Howard will be one of the first coming off the bench for us.

Oh well, at least Favors will get some good minutes!
So what do you guys think?

Marvin Williams and Mo Williams.
Interesting moves
Williams/ Carroll

I stil think we need a piece or two but I would be somewhat happy with this line-up. Unfortualely Milsap would have to come off the bench but he would make a great 6th man. Either that or I wouldn't mind seeing us ship him or Jefferson off. I just don't see that happening. All I know is Favors needs to be starting.
Resigned Jeremy Evans to a 3 year deal. Umm... I like this move if he would play more than 5 minutes in which I feel he's always deserved. Never understood why he had so many DNP's, and short minutes.
Love the moves we've made so far, especially letting Bell go. Hopefully it allows Burks to get some more minutes. I also think that Mo fits our system more than Harris did, and his outside shooting will help a lot.

We'll see what Marvin Williams brings to the table. He still has a ton of potential, and hopefully a change of scenery will help him out. I'd rather have him than Miles or Howard anyway.

I think Millsap or Al will be moved before the trade deadline. I like the idea of keeping Al through his contract as it gives Kanter more time to develop. Plus Al is our main scoring threat.
Just signed Randy Foye. Gonna be a completely different team next season. Seems like we've gotten a lot more athletic. Still think we have a move or two to do, but again I have absolutely no complaints about our roster moves.
I think there will be a trade before the deadline. Love that we got more athletic and added outside shooting. Foye can play the point and at the 2, which is really nice. I'd hate to see Watson at sg again.

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