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Most anticipated camp Battles

Originally posted by mayo49:
Patton v. Jenkins for 3rd WR.

Jenkins vs. Patton
Battles I'm most interested in:
* 3rd WR Spot - Jenkins vs. Patton (most obvious one)

* Last OL spot - Marquardt vs. Bykowski vs. Netter vs. Tribue vs. Wiggins

Honorable mention:
* Last DB Spots - Cox vs. Cooper vs. Robinson vs. Morris vs. Brock vs. McBath

* Last LB Spots - Fleming vs. Wilhoite vs. Cam Johnson vs. Moody vs. Stupar

* Last DL Spots - Dobbs vs. Dial vs. Tukuafu vs. Divens vs. Jerod-Eddie
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Jenkins Vs Patton.

I think Jenkins must have a serious chip on his shoulder by now from : 1) the constant negative public opinion on his lack of progress and the big question mark on his work ethic and 2) Patton being on the opposite spectrum of the scale as a keen and enthusiastic worker.

To me, this is pretty much Jenkins' last chance. If he gets beaten by Patton in camp, he is done. Oh and by the way, I haven't even mentioned Lockette, Hall, Hastings and even Moore yet. In other words, if you don't want it bad enough, there is a long queue of guys who are happy to take it from you.
The only way Nnamdi Asomugha starts is if he can play press coverage on the outside. We know from how the Eagles misused him, that he isn't that great in zone. If Asomugha's still has his formidable press coverage skills, the secondary will have a ripple effect starting with who will be our nickle and dime DBs. We could end up with Asomugha and Culliver, our tallest DBs, on the outside in press coverage, and Brown vs Rogers for slot corner. This could impact Reid, with Rogers competing with Reid for FS. Harbaugh is reluctant to start rookies.

At OLB, we have 3 guys who were injured last year: Parys Harrelson, Darius Fleming, and Cam Johnson. Johnson would have been a third rounder, but fears about his sickle cell anemia drove him down to the seventh round. We are adding Corey Lemonier to the mix, who had a much better 2011 when Auburn was a stronger team. With the exception of Harrelson, good at setting the edge but not such a good pass rusher, we really don't know if any of these guys can effectively rush the passer in the NFL.

At center, we have Goodwin, Looney, and Kilgore. Looney was recuperating from a foot injury last year. Healthy, he could give Goodwin a run for his money.

At long snapper, all pro Brian Jennings is 36 years old. Baalkebaugh likes multi-positional players. Vance McDonald, and Kilgore both have long snapping experience. With a stronger roster than last year, Jennings may be cut to free up a roster spot.

At RB we have an embarrassment of riches. With Lattimore red shirting, there will be two battles. Hunter vs James, and Dixon vs. Hampton.

Lastly, I'm curious to see how Marquis Grey does vs Garrett Celek at third TE. Grey is a much better athlete than Celek. Celek is our inline blocking specialist. If McDonald becomes a more powerful blocker, at 270 lbs, he can take Celek's job. That leaves Grey with much more upside to learn how to block while backing up McDonald and Davis.
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Patton/Jenkins. Manningham shouldn't play 2013, I don't think. Our secondary may still need to have some fire put under their asses via competition as well. Hopefully the D line will alleviate that situation.
Ricardo L Vs rest of the WRs
Starting positions up for grabs (likely locks in bold):

  • FS--Reid, Dahl, Robinson, Spillman, McBath...who's next to Whitner? Are the safeties really interchangeable as per Fangio?
  • NT--Dorsey, Williams (don't see any other legitimate competition)

Backups to watch (likely locks in bold):

  • WR: Boldin, Crabtree and then...? Williams, Jenkins, Patton (Manningham on the mend), Lockette? Reason he has been cut by Seattle? Age--26, not young for a prospect--but fast and he is connecting with Kaepernick.
  • OLB: A Smith, Brooks and then Lemonier, Johnson, Haralson, and Fleming--can one of these guys move to ILB? Fleming?
  • CB: Four way competition...or will there be more? Rogers, Brown, Culliver, Asomugha (Cox?). Have any of these guys returned kicks? Cox?
  • DL: Carradine, Dobbs, Tukuafu Dial, Jerod-Eddy, Divens. Who adds more on STs or ? Dobbs is listed as TE, Tuk as FB; do any others have value added?
  • OL: Perhaps one spot is available, barring injruies--swing tackle?

This team just keeps getting more competitive! Will be a fun TC to watch and I hope health is not the deciding factor, but at least they have enough truly good back ups to make this less a concern. Any guesses as to possible trades--surplus players at any position?
Receiver and corner, hands-down the toughest most competitive battles in camp. Other than that, Dahl will be fighting like a mother to start the season in the first safety spot instead of the rookie, but I think Reid will beat him out.
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