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Hear me out... Carlos Rogers to FS?

Let me preface this by saying I'm not arguing for this to happen, just voicing another option. Feel free to bash vociferously. So, there's a lot of talk about moving Cully to safety, and I understand that completely because he played safety in college so it's not difficult to connect the dots. However, (and I'm not necessarily espousing this idea, but I think it might be worth thinking about) should we not also be considering moving Rogers to FS? He is just a few pounds lighter than Cully, a very willing tackler for a DB and he would be an upgrade in pass coverage. Also, he wouldn't be as exposed for his declining short area quickness. I think Harbaugh and Fangio want to get the best players on the field and playing. I think Cully is a better CB than Rogers at this point in their careers, especially given Rogers' declining value in the slot, and I'd like to see Cully continue his growth as a CB. Also, this idea is totally dependent on Asomugha being at least capable of being at least a solid third CB, and Brown being a capable slot-corner.

In this scenario I would envision the secondary something like this:
Rogers and Whitner manning the back end
Brown as the RCB
Cully and Nnamdi compete for LCB
In Nickel situations Brown slides into the slot and whoever loses the competition for the other starter's position (be it Nnamdi or Cully) comes in at RCB.

Pros: Gets our top 4 cover guys significant playing time. Doesn't stunt Culliver's growth as a top-flight cover corner. Potentially an upgrade in coverage at the FS position.

Cons: Rogers has no experience at FS (clearly a huge deal). Does he have the requisite skill set? Can he make the transition? Will he be willing to make the transition?

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Perfect for madden.
I'd do this VS starting a rookie at FS. As you say, Rogers is a strong tackler. He does have loads of coverage experience to handle the job better than a rookie.
If he has the skill set and the willingness to make the switch I see no problem with this scenario.

One thing for sure about JH - he'll look at everything possible to make the team better. So this isn't out of the question.
Originally posted by valrod33:

If any of our CB's were to move to FS ...My pick would be Brock ...he is fast and physical enough to play the position ....a lot of fans want Cully to play FS ? ...Cully is still developing and WILL be a solid CB for years to come

Robinson ...Dahl , Spillman , McBath ...we cant keep ALL of these Safeties ...but we will draft another safety and let them all fight for a spot in pre-season ...things are looking good

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Bring the action!
Let's move the entire team to FS
Andy Lee would dominate
A thread to talk about this already exists.

Rogers is a poor tackler.

Lock thread.
Culliver and Asomugha both have college experience at safety. They would be the candidates to move to FS... if anybody changes position.

I do see a bit of a log jam coming at CB. We will most definitely draft a slot CB. I'm calling it now, B.W. Webb will be a 49er. That would leave us with the following CBs:

Rogers, Brown, Culliver, Asomugha, Webb, Cox, and Brock.

We will only keep 5 of those guys, unless somebody switches to FS. Cox and Brock are both very good players, just not quite good enough to crack into our starting lineup. Brock is a great special teamer and Cox is young and very talented.

Tough decisions... there are no clear-cut starters IMO. Depth is very strong. Rogers has the biggest cap figure, but wouldn't provide too much relief if cut.
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