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Hear me out... Carlos Rogers to FS?

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Kaep to FS
6'5 and can cover a lot of ground
Another option, we keep 6 CBs and only 4 Safeties.

With Culliver and Asomugha experience at safety, we could have that option.
Originally posted by gotem:
Perfect for madden.


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Carlos cant tackle anything but wrs. First time he tries to tackle a rb or te in the open field he will get blown up.
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Willis to SS and cut Whitner too imo.
Originally posted by Disp:
Willis to SS and cut Whitner too imo.

Colt McCoy to FS. But ya, I agree bro Whitner has gotta go.
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I would rather them run the "Annexation of Puerto Rico" on every play
The moves on CBs and Safeties at this time are critical. Brown's contract runs out after this year. Rogers, Whitner and Nnamdi will likely be gone after this year as well. Decisions made now are with these things all in mind as well as the cap space. So, how do you prepare for this season and at the same time, tee up next season with the best defensive backfield?
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Brian Jennings to FS

When I think of Carlos possibly trying at FS, I think back to Goldson running full speed from the downfield position into the backfield to plant the RB. I don't see Carlos with the physical hit to do that. Our safeties are asked by Fangio to do a lot more than just cover guys down field. Whether run or pass, they have to know it like the backers do. I don't see Carlos making all those tackles.

I read today we still might sign Woodson. If that were to happen he would be Fs. If any body leaves the team it would probably be Cox.
I would think either way we will draft a corner and a FS. The secondary is going to be having lots of competition!
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Rogers isn't going to do this>

How many CBs have actually made the successful transition to safety? I think people undervalue how difficult playing safety actually is. You can't just take every aging corner and throw him in at safety and expect it to be a magical fit.
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