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Your Favorite 49ers Quarterback

Your Favorite 49ers Quarterback

Joe. And it's not close. 4 superbowls
Can I chose QBs that went somewhere else?

Young, Montana, Garcia, Smith, Plunkett, Kaepernick, Brodie, Title, Deberg....beyond that doesn't really matter.

Note: liking someone has nothing to do with who I think is best.
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Steve Young. I was 8 years old when I really started to follow the 49ers, and Steve was the QB. I would wear his jersey almost every day. Joe is the greatest ever, but I never really got to see him play other than some highlights and re-airings of classic games.
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I grew up watching ever!! Young, Garcia, Kaepernick......Smith would be last on that list
Steve "Duu-duu duu-duu" Bono
Other should have some votes.
How is this even a thread, worse yet, how is not 100% Joe Montana?
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Too bad there is not more film available on YA Tittle. He could throw long and short equally well. He was tough as nail and called his own plays most of the time. He played here at a time the East Coast media never got west of Chicago, hence he received very little coverage until the 49ers "gave" him to the NY Giants. He went on to have a great HOF career. I would put him on a par with Montana and Young.
I was born in 1990...young is the man!!! grew up idolizing him
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Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
How is this even a thread, worse yet, how is not 100% Joe Montana?

This lol

Billy Kilmer
Cody Pickett
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

I'd have to say Steve young I remember a little of tha Montana days but as a teenager N young adult I remember more of Steve N actually knowing what was really goin on N how tha game was played
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