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Possible Replacements for FS

Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
If we are 13.5 under we can cut a few more guys. Parys Harrlson gives you 3 more. Now you have 16.5. Restructure a few deals. Front load. Back load. We can probably realistically get to 20 million. We can't afford Goldson 7.5 + our draft class. Of course we aren't keeping all 15 picks. Trade up and down and some picks trade for next year. Now way we can fit them all on the roster anyway. The whole thing is just crazy IMO.

To those saying we can't continue with this much on defense. Justin Smith is getting older and it's his last year. Carlos Rogers has some amount back loaded on his contract and will never earn it all. Minus Justin Smith and minus Carlos Rogers opens up a lot of cap room in say 2014. I don't think our cap is as bad as it seems. I'd rather keep Goldson longer term than those. Because Justin is getting older and Carlos has dropped off.

Smith (if he retires) and Rogers opens up a lot of cap room in two years, but not enough. We still need more. A LOT more.

Maybe. But I think we could handle Goldson for 3 more years guaranteed and 2 back end option years (5 total). That makes sense to me where this team is at right now.
Kenny Vaccaro, top rated safety coming out of college, 6' 214, 4.47. There are enough picks to target the DL but to get Vaccaro will take some luck. If he goes 10-15 I don't think the 49ers will go there. However, if he languishes in the high teens or low twenties Baalke can make a play. In an above average safety class he sticks out.
who is mike L???
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
Will pay more. Goldson is going to set the bar high for safties pay doubtful we get a guy under 6 million. Besides when we signed whitner we already new he was a glorified michael lewis.
back then, we were a bad team. now, we are a sb contender. at this level, we cannot afford to start a SS who is such a crap in coverage.
dont forget that this is a pass-happy League.
I think our starting FS next year is either already on the team or will be drafted. Can't afford to pay a vet to come in for every hole our team has. A rookie will most likely have to step up.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Believe it or not, Williams was a 16 game starter last season. He didn't embarrass himself either. But I agree, ideally we need to get a better player than him.

you do realize he was on the niners are couple seasons ago and did not see any action?
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
I pray to God we do not try to use Trenton Robinson at FS. He is a nightmare in a horrific way. I do not want to see him out there getting trucked, missing tackles, and getting the ball thrown and caught right over his head. Solid special teamer, but nowhere near starter-worthy.

Agreed, can't believe some people think he has the same talents as Goldson
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by Gore_21:
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Teams that are built like that are like the Packers and they can't get far in the playoffs anymore because their defense got older and worse and lost some guys over the years. Age, injury, FA, retirement, bad drafting. All the above. But they are worse than the Super Bowl winning Packers.

We are much younger on defense than they are though. They haven't hit in the draft as much as we have recently. Of course we want to keep the defense playing at a high level but it probably won't be like 2011. That was a rare thing to see. The Patriots and Steelers among others also come to mind... get your system in place... next coach/player up. Re-sign only the best FAs at a reasonable price, get comp picks, work the draft, don't go out in free agency and overspend... get a few budget guys here and there.

I still think with trading Alex plus cutting Akers and letting Sopoaga, Moss, Jacobs go there should be enough money to sign Goldson plus our draft class. We should do this. I can't belive a rookie will play as well as Goldson.

They won't lol, it will be a set back no matter what lol, patriots never recovered after Rodney Harrison retired and still looking for a. Safety
I'd go with Trent Robinson. But I think we still draft Bacarri Rambo.
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Some free agent possibilities:

Ed Reed - BAL
Glover Quin - HOU
Louis Delmas - DET
Madieu Williams - WAS
Ronde Barber - TB
Gerald Sensabaugh - DAL
Chris Clemons - MIA

Madoodoo Williams

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Originally posted by TXNinerFan52:
I think we will resign Goldson. I think Goldson will sign with us at a discount and have a good chance of winning the Super Bowl instead of signing with a lower tier team and having no chance at winning a bowl. Plus, this is a deep draft for safety's I think most team would rather build thru the draft.

While I know we all like to think that, there is a very short list of athletes who choose to take less to play for the team that has a better chance to win. If SF only goes to say 6, and the Raiders/Bills/Jaguars/Saskatchewan Roughriders or whoever offer 8, he is gone.
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I'd love to take this guy in the draft:

Bacarri Rambo
Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
Can't release whitner, were going to pay him if he's on or off the team. To much dead cap money he's here for another year.

Withner was the Kyle Williams of the super bowl
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
We'll see. I just don't know if there's enough money to go around for everyone to get the kind of money they want. Sure the top flight guys will get their money but there are a lot of midrange guys out there in the safety class who can be had for more reasonable amounts.

I'm not saying cut Whitner tomorrow, but if we can sign another guy who can be an upgrade over him, the cap hit wouldn't be so unbearable. It'd be less than a million. Cutting Rogers on the other hand wouldn't make any sense.

Agreed. We'd save 4.1M in cutting Whitner at which time we could replace with someone like Dawan Landry in the 5M range or another SS in FA and/or draft.

People forget how poor Whitner is in coverage...and he is always matched up on the taller TE's and WR's.

To put this into perspective: Whitner gave up TWO TD's in the Superbowl. Think about that for a second. He also gave up the most TD's in the NFL last year. While he does call the defensive alignments, we play a very vanilla coverage scheme that any FA or high draft pick would be able to pick up on quickly. And that responsibility could go back to Willis again if needed.

PS: As to options, we have Spillman, Robinson AND Culliver as options for FS.
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Why does everyone want Reed? I know he's a good player, but if anything, he is questionable with late hits and/or fines just like our current FS.

Isn't he similar to Goldson, but older? He isn't going to be much cheaper than Goldson, so I think the chances of him signing in SF are slim.
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