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Do we have a bad fan base compared to the rest of the NFL?

Originally posted by modninerfan:
Hey, did you guys know that the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey and not New York?

Actually, they play in the United States of America
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Actually, they play in the United States of America

Holy s**t no way?!?!?!?!?!?
I dunno, even going back to the 80's, it seemed like the fan base was strong in the outlying areas, but for the Niners that area is pretty big. I remember making trips to Southern Oregon and seeing Niner merchandise in the stores, so they have a wide "zone". If you think about it, there is nothing North of SF until you get to Portland and that is where Seachicken territory starts.

I would never want them to change the name though, that just seems wrong with our history.

I will take as many Niner fans as we can get, but it is kind of annoying sometimes when I run into a Niner "fan" in the Northwest and they do not know who Dwight Clark is, but they are sporting Niners gear like it is a gang uniform. That is half the reason why I joined this forum, I know I can find good fans in California and even Oregon, but up here it is like they do it just to be a nuisance, especially when their fondest memories are of Terrell Owens doing something odd. Rather than the 88 Super Bowl, but I am old and stubborn. While shopping and wearing my old Rice jersey I walked by a young fan, all gangstered up, wearing a VERY loud jacket that displayed all the Super Bowl years, in his baggies with boxers hanging out he just snubbed me. A real fan will call me out with the much appreciated "NINERS!!!" with a fist pump of pride. I aware that scares the hell out of people when it happens.
The 49ers are soooo cute! cuz they dance at kick off!
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