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Which hurt more? NFC Championship loss vs Giants or Super Bowl Loss?

Which hurt more? NFC Championship loss vs Giants or Super Bowl Loss?

Originally posted by blizzuntz:
So you would rather be a Ravens fan who is 2-0 in the SB vs being 6-2 like the Steelers or 5-1 like the Niners?

hmm last time I checked

6>2 and oh yeah so is 5>2
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EASY The Superbowl. To be that close and lose like we did with the total combination of Refs, bad play calling, getting blown out first half, Lewis retiring overshadowing everything and NFL lobbying for him to go out on top and most of all Losing this proud franchises first Superbowl game and first INT in 49ers history in the Superbowl. That dagger to the heart will take a looooong time to get over.
man they all hurt
Last year I was just really angry and upset; I kept going over the fumbles, the trip on AD, the broken up INTs. This year I'm just depressed...I'm able to forget about it for a moment or two but remember it again shortly thereafter.

Had we made the SB last year, I fully believe we'd have won. Of course, being this close, to come all the way back, and lose due to a combination of piss-poor, s**t ass playcalling (RUN THE f**kING BALL!!!!!!!! ) and missed calls by the refs really hurts. Every time I see a pic or a highlight or read an article, it hits me again.

I don't know how long this'll last...hopefully not too long...but I feel like I'm gonna keep remembering and agonizing over the what ifs when I know it's much more rational and healthy to just let go, as it's only a game played by people I'll likely never meet.

Other than the 87/88 Browns who lost on the Fumble and the Drive, I can't think of two worse consecutive playoff losses.
both hurt equally
Originally posted by Jamison:
Originally posted by cciowa:
jesus, of course its the super bowl. the nfc title game is only the second most important game you will ever play, I know many people and media in the country are chortling over the fact we lost and we have some humility, f**k them, f**k the ravens, f**k roman and f**k you JH for letting roman call a s**tty series at the end of the game, at least jimmy f**king ray would have known to slam gore or dixon off tackle four times in a row to get 7 f**king lousy yards behind our o lline how can this question be asked with a straight face.

This ^^^ Not only this we get hosed by the officials because Ray is retiring. I new this going in, but I thought we'd overcome it by running up the score on them, where was the take no prisoner mentality, it was our legacy to never lose a Superbowl. Now we're no different than any other Superbowl contestant. Sure we have five but the Steelers have 6, we will have 6, but we will be no different than the when would've been save yesterday.
I agree with both of these answers as you cannot compare a SB loss.... it's our first ever and yeah, this one really sucks. Its not comparable!! I've watched plenty of our NFC Championship shortcomings over the years. As a franchise we really build off those losses, only to come back with a vengeance!! A SB loss hurts in ways I cannot explain! To get that close when we should have come in and dominate both halves of football on sports biggest stage after having 2 weeks to game plan is unacceptable. The build up of two weeks of football 24/7 and giving both sides of our team to rest up and heal is something that was going to make us unstoppable. To accept a consolation prize is not what the 49ers have ever been about and I'm not going to start that thinking now!! Sure, we are built to come back, but nothing is guaranteed and staying injury free is tough in a division where ours is becoming very physical and we are not getting younger in some key areas!! I'll feel a little better when baseball spring training starts...... but this will sting more than last years loss!!
I've thought about this question all day....I gotta say how we lost in the Super Bowl, hurts hurts because we lost a Super Bowl, our only way say "yeah w tied the steelers for most all time, but at least we didn't loose"....we can't say that anymore
It's no easy decision, but the SB. It's simply another level, and we showed such heart and how much better we are than the Ravens fighting our way back into the game. The Giants loss hurt because the D was playing so well, we lost just about the only way we could have (handing our opponent the ball in our territory twice - both unforced), and you just didn't know if we'd get back. You didn't know that we'd beat the Pats, just like you didn't know we'd beat the Ravens. Both losses SUCK. But losing the game for the ultimate prize when you were more than good enough to win it is worse.
Originally posted by blunt_probe:
The super bowl, and it's not close. I have never been more miserable over a loss in sports.

You know, you could be a Browns, Jaguars, Texans or a Lions fan. Those fans have never even seen their team in a Super Bowl either live or on NFL films.

Or you could be a fan for any number of teams that have been to at least one, but never won. Vikings: 0-4 Bills 0-4 Bengals 0-2 Eagles 0-2
Chargers, Falcons, Seahawks, Panthers, Titans, Cardinals - all 0-1.

At 5-1, the Niners are up there in the same territory with the Cowboys and Steelers; everybody else is bringing up the rear. And the reason I believe this is just the start of another run is that almost every team that has Super Bowl runs has an extraordinary QB - I think Kaepernick is going to be that for the Niners. There are more than a few former NFL QB's who think he could be one of the best in the league.

Last year's Giants game was more painful because with Alex Smith, I thought we were one and done! With Kap at the helm, we'll eventually be back!!!
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Losing a Superbowl is like getting dumped at the Prom or finding out your girlfriend is in love with your best friend. Losing the NFC Championship just made me mad.
The giants loss did feel worse for me for some reason.
Really hoped the niners could remain unbeaten in the big least until I died, but oh I have to pick a different goal.
Superbowl.. Not only does it end are perfect record in it. These players will forever be know as the only 49er team to lose a superbowl. That will stick with these players forever. They never will be able to live that down. Plus the way the salary cap and injuries occur in the NFL. They might never get back.
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