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Your reasons for why we lost

1. Lack of experience lead to penalties and breakdowns
2. Play calling on both sides of the ball was not the greatest.
3. Lack of execution in the red zone

With the terrible 1st half, we couldn't have asked for more to have the ball in the red zone with 2min left for a chance to take the lead. Just couldnt get in.

Need to stop with the negative thoughts. Were a young team that "should" have opportunities to be back in the Super Bowl for the next few years. I am excited to have a full year with Kaep, Crabs, Vernon etc.
the playcalling in the redzone at the end of the game was unacceptable...
all the pistol/option playcalling in the 1st half was just pro sets no power run game
we had a chance to slow the game down and never even really attempted it...

that defense is a shocker also...Culliver, I've always supported him, but he played terribly, all game.

we need to definitely spruce up our secondary...weakest link on the entire team.
and Greg Roman needs a serious talking to by Harbaugh, cuz his inconsistent play calling put us in the position to begin with.
We lost because we tried to throw it 3 times at the end of the game !
Run the %^%$# thing.
We have the best running team there.

The whole rest of the games another story....

We didnt think we could run in 1 in 3 tries ?

Roman u amaze me.......
P*** poor playcalling at the end would be number one, first and goal at the six and we throw the ball four times.

Special teams play, other than Ginn having one good return they didn't do much and also allowed a 108 yard kickoff return to open the half.

DEFENSE, and i will say it again, DEFENSE, boys what in the hell has happened to the stout defense that we use to lean on so much. Secondary is getting gashed left and right, missing tackles, and there has to be something wrong with Aldon Smith boys, just hasn't been the same player he was earlier in the year.

It sucks right now it really does, but lets look forward to the offseason and coming back with a flurry in 2013 and getting to superbowl 48.

I look for Baalke and Harbaugh to make some BOLD moves in the offseason, I see them stoutening up the d line via draft and as well as address the corner position in the draft and try to add a pass rush specialist via free agency. It is going to be a long wait until the season opener but I have confidence that Harbaugh is going to rally the troops and we are come into 2013 firing on all cylinders and a force to be reckoned with.

Lets have a good offseason and go Niners!
In the end, it was some head scratching play calling and a kinda obvious non-call. If that last hold was called the Ravens would have a lot less to and whine about than 49ers. In general, if the 49ers had played a cleaner game, and the secondary didn't play one of their worst games of the year, it wouldn't have come down to that last series.
We had this one won !

Yes the rest of the game sucked.

But, were given 2nd and goal and ... WE DONT RUN IT !

very... PISSED , UPSET and just BLINDSIDED !
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Originally posted by calbear:
We played terribly in the 1st half.
Culliver was garbage all game (PI call on 3rd down, giving up the long pass to Boldin when Flacco just threw it up, and the TD he gave up and quit on).
The LMJ fumble changed the momentum early.
The kickoff return was devastating.
Unforgivable penalties.
Granted we made lots of mistakes. But we played well enough to come back in the 2nd half, nearly tied the game, and put ourselves in a position to win.

The following sequence will never be forgotten or forgiven. Roman did this repeatedly this year. For no reason we abandoned the run and it cost us repeatedly this season.

1st and 7 with approximately 2:40 seconds.
We have the best O-Line in FB.
We are averaging over 8 yards per carry.
Their best run defender is injured and out of the game.
We are a power running team.
We have several jumbo packages.
We have been running the pistol successfully.
All we need to do is average 2 yards per carry and we score a TD.

There are many things to be angry about. The non-call on 4th down would have given us 1st and goal on the 1 yard line. But that play calling was atrocious and Roman cost us a ring. I still cannot believe we had a 300 yd passer, 2 100 yd WRs, and a 100 yd RB yet we still lost. The officials hurt us, our special teams hurt us, our secondary was exposed repeatedly, we looked sloppy, but we still battled back. We were in a position to win IN SPITE of our mistakes. Roman didn't just screw up once, he screwed up 3 times.


This. Bleacher Report Monday column up. How play-calling cost the 49ers a Super Bowl ring.
Complete meltdown play calls in red zone... Run Kaepernick 4 times!
Say what you will about the turnovers, the crap special teams or even the play calling at the end of the game....the Niners lost because they came away with only 6 points in 4 trips inside the 25. 3 of those times they were inside the 10.

This one stings because it's been a mostly brutal 18 years since the last championship. Im pretty sure nobody here is worried about waiting another 18 years for this opportunity. It's only a matter of time folks.

Originally posted by Five4Five:
1. Sleepwalk through the 1st half AGAIN.
2. Defense gets toasted.
3. Taking nothing but deep shots at the endzone after the Rice fumble.
4. Horrible playcalling on the goal line.
5. Defense gets obliterated.

1. Only getting 3 points after Rice turnover
2. Secondary play in zone
3. Goaline play calling. How did we not know they were gunna all out blitz???
4. No pass rush
5. Turnovers, can't give away possesions
The team came out flat and the play calls at the end of the game were bad. Okay, we know that. I blame this game on the declining defense. The D had been absolutely terrible since half time of the NE game. The only good game was against a QB who was sitting on his couch a couple weeks before. They generate zero pass rush and the secondary is terrible. I'll give Justin Smith a pass because I believe h is playing with one arm. Aldon Smith has been invisible for the past couple of months. Honestly, this is a problem going forward. I can't even begin to comment on the awful play of the secondary...Culliver and Whitner especially.
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Growing up a Niners fan in the 80's and 90's I expected us to make the playoffs every year, tough loss when it's been so long. So many years of expecting to win every time we make it to the SB. Tough morning dealing with loss, but excited about the core of our team and chances for another SB run next season. Just hope we can dominate the NFC West the next 10 years and put those Peacock fans in back in their place, can't stand arrogant. 18 year SB drought was tough but at least we are back and have most of the pieces in place to be a dominate team for years to come.

Go Niners (Defending NFC Champs)

KO return, LMJ Fumble, Dumb penalties

Playcalling on the goal line series.
If you listen to some of these ravens fans I guess that we didn't win because the power didn't go out just a tad bit longer... .
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