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Bitter Joe Montana says '89 team would beat this years team

bitter??? no--just an honest answer he gave.
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Bitter? Joe speaks truth. That 89 team will kill this one.

um no

Um yes

18 straight wins on the road

Average margin of playoff victory - 33.6 ppg
That '89 team was a much more balanced team offensively with Taylor and Jones to go along with Rice. That alone makes that team better. No one could stop that offense.

On defense they didn't have the LBs of the current team but they were not bad. They rushed the passer very well. The secondary just plain scared people. For the younger ones year, imagine Dashon Goldson without the penalties and who covered the deep routes routinely.

Montana has said some things in the past that were not well thought out but his interview was very thoughtful. Not at all bitter, IMO.
1989 team had Joe,Jerry,Ronnie. Enough Said!
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1989 team had Joe,Jerry,Ronnie. Enough Said!

And Steve, John, Brent, Roger, Bill, Charles, Michael, Tom and Bill
I really don't see that as bitter at all. It's just realistic. That '89 Niners team has been called by some NFL people the best team in the history of the league. It was first in offense, third in defense, first in point differential. I think it was the #1 defense against the run that year. If I remember correctly, nobody could run on them. And, it was playing a tough schedule having won the Super Bowl the year before. I believe it still holds the record for point differential in the playoffs. I think that team outscored it's three playoff opponents by 100 points which I think is still the record. To even be compared with that team says a lot. Steve Young was the BACKUP quarterback for cryin out loud. The receivers were Rice and Taylor. The backs were fricking Craig and Rathman. The defense included Ronnie Lot and Charles Haley.

That was a ridiculous team. It came within a last minute fumble of three-peating. If this team ends up in the same conversation as that one, we're going to be happy fans for quite a few years.
That '89 team was the s**t offensively and on defensive side. 38-20 Niners '89.

Willis on the sideline, 'Ay! That qb... what's his name... Tony Montana?...No, Joe Montana --yeah! He's pretty good. We got to stop him. It ain't over yet!'

No Patrick, it's over
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NEW ORLEANS -- A win on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens would make the San Francisco 49ers a perfect 6-0 in Super Bowl appearances, but Joe Montana isn't ready to place this year's squad up there with the juggernaut he presided over. Darlington: Two of a kind Ed Reed and Randy Moss: Two legends chasing that elusive Super Bowl ring. Jeff Darlington chronicles opposing icons. More ... I caught up with the Hall of Fame quarterback at the 2nd Annual NFL Honors gathering on Saturday and asked how the 1989 49ers -- perhaps Montana's most dominant 49ers squad -- would have fared against the 2012 version. "That would be bad for this year's team," Montana said. "That was one of, I think, our more explosive teams all around, offensively and defensively. It would have been a good matchup, I think, but two different styles." Montana was quick to compliment coach Jim Harbaugh's handiwork, and emphasized the stylistic differences between this year's 49ers and those championship squads of old. In some sort of alternate universe, it would be fascinating to watch the teams compete, but what San Francisco is doing with Colin Kaepernick under center is all about the present. These 49ers are just beginning to write their story. IMO, players today are just too physically gifted and the while the 89 team was great, I dont think they could physically match up across the board
Dis you watch the 89 team, he is probaly right
he is probably right TBH
He's right.

he's right
Originally posted by InconvenienTTruth21:
lol Jerry would get 300+ yards and 5+ TDs on whoever we'd have on him

Lol this he'd embarrass Rogers or Brown all day long.
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Originally posted by zillabeast:
Um yes

18 straight wins on the road

Average margin of playoff victory - 33.6 ppg

lol that's so awesome
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He's 100% right. The 1989 49ers are arguably the best assembled team in the history of pro football. The better question for Joe would be if the 1981 team could be this team.......THAT would be a closer game IMO.
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Greatest QB of All Time.
Greatest WR of All Time
Elite RB
Elite OL
Elite DL
Great LB Core, Turner and Hayley
Greatest S of All Time Ronnnie Lott
Great Secondary

I'd say they would beat us too.
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