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Bitter Joe Montana says '89 team would beat this years team

End of debate
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Originally posted by Mercuryspeed:
Originally posted by GhostofJimmyDean:
I can't believe this is a thread. Joe "bitter" and "classless"? Exactly how old are some of you? I realize twenty years seems like a long time, but, trust me when I say that human beings haven't changed much since.

Lol at today's athletes being more physically gifted. This isn't Pokemon, people. Humans don't evolve that fast.

The approach, craft, worth, display, positions have all greatly evolved from their previous states of the late eighties to now. The whole world and everything in has suffered dramatic changes since the late eighties. Chemistry, Health and Physics have all greatly contributed to the game we watch now. Guys might not be as tough as they used to. But they are still physically gifted with remarkable agility and perceptive of a game that has been around for quite some time now. As a testament to those guys who played back then it would be a shame if they were truly able to defeat such a well built contemporary team.
Like I will say till I am blue in the face, the big jump in training methods was from the mid 60' to mid 70's. Anything after that is almost insignificant. I played football in HS and college in the mid-late 70's. Funny, I see these pro weight rooms and there isn't anything in there they didn't have 35 years ago. Watching the combine workouts players have the same speed and strength as they did 30+ years ago. The big difference, the lineman are just fatter. There was a major advance in supplements and weight training with body building's rise to popularity in the 1970's. There aren't any ingredients in supplements now that you would not find in a health food store in 1989, they just mix them different. I think you are claiming the science of 1989 is backward compared to 2012, we sent a man to the moon in 1969. The biggest notable scientific advancement over the last 20 years is being able to make computer compenents smaller. We had all the same things 20 plus years ago as we do today, the computer driven stuff was just way larger and slower.
That '89 team was fully loaded. I even think the '94 team can beat this team.
Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Well I said it earlier in this thread what the 89 team would do. The 2012 team is good. Really, really good. But they are not yet the flawless machine that was the 1989 team. Or the 1984 team for that matter.

Add the 1994 team to the list. That team consistently blew out teams after a few glitches early in the season. Steve Young was on fire the entire season.
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