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SuperBold predictions

Ted Ginn Jr. will have a special teams touchdown.

Vernon Davis is your MVP.
Look its no surprise that the Raven's are going to hit Kaepernick everytime they can, we will see how he stands up. My guess at sometime during the game he's going to make a mistake if he gets rattled then the Raven's will feast. If he runs that option he'll be hit alot run or fake. The Ravens are hard on those type of QB's
45-24 49ers win and Frank Gore MVP.
Idaho, You hope he wont be needed!
Originally posted by TheTruth2013:
Idaho, You hope he wont be needed!

The Truth has spoken. Trounced.
Aldon Smith gets.... a SACK! *gasp*

About 17 more hours until CK7 wins Super Bowl MVP
34 - 17 we win.

not to over look the ravens... theyre a good team... but cmon maaaaannnnn, were the 49ers!!!!
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Niners win a close one.

31 - 27

Defense once again stops the opposing offense from scoring a go-ahead TD with the game on the line.

MVP - Kaep
It's a blow-out...

(31 - 3) 49ers!

My prediction is Alex Smith will play the last five minutes because the game will be out of hand (knock on wood) 34-10 GO NINERS!
Niners target RayRay. They run Vernon up the seam and give LMJ a 2-way go out of the backfield. Throw to whomever Ray covers. Win.
Originally posted by TheTruth2013:
No Ive stuck to my 31-20 score and FYI Dixon is a TE as is Pitta get your posters right!

Dixon is a RB for the 49ers. Dickson is a TE for the Ravens. You, sir, are an AWESOME Ravens fan.
31-23 Ninerrrrsssss!!!! 18 years we all have waited for this day! Football gods don't fail us now
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Dixon is a RB for the 49ers. Dickson is a TE for the Ravens. You, sir, are an AWESOME Ravens fan.

Just looked it up myself. It is indeed Dickson...Ed Dickson.

But does it really matter when we have guys like Dashon Gholston, Carlos Rodgers, LaMichael Finley, and Frank Gire?
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