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Good News - Roman staying

This is fantastic news. He hopefully will not be lured into the useless college ranks. His stock will be so much higher post multiple Championships. That is the only way to go.
Originally posted by Envy:
I never understand the lack of respect for this guy? He has basically designed and improved an offense that previously could only muster a losing season. Now we are in our 2nd NFC Champ game in a row and you want to complain?

There are a quite a few DCs who find it almost impossible to stop us on the field and much of that is squarely with Roman's strategy. I think people on here need to stop riding his nuts. We've no right to a perfect season and if we lose because Roman gets cute then so be it. For the rest of the season he calls some pretty excellent plays.

More importantly the offense needs another year with this new QB to fully develop and losing our OC hasn't helped us in the last 10 years has it?

On point though I think Roman is not HC ready yet. Thats not to say he wouldn't leave but I think his resume only improves by staying with us for now.

Right? You would think that after having Hostler, marts or even Jimmie raye people would at least give him a little more respect.
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IMO, there is a reason that Roman did not get serious consideration from other teams. The 49er offense is a package deal between several people. Unlike most other OCs he just puts the pieces together rather than design the entire package. Teams want a guy with a broader background than Roman has to this point. Also, there have been times when his play calling has been seriously questioned. He may be an HC in the future but I don't believe he is yet ready...and it appears other NFL teams feel the same way.
plus other teams feel he is not that good. i do know he is like arnez battle,, over rated by the web zone

Holy s**t look at you making things up.
Jags fans are pissed
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